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WhatsApp Plans To Bring A Mute Shortcut Option For Groups On Desktop

Last Updated: November 29, 2022, 18:46 IST

WhatsApp desktop is getting is this feature

WhatsApp continues to add new features to its desktop app after bringing it to the mobile version first.

WhatsApp seems to be having a never-ending list of features in the pipeline. Almost every day we are hearing about upcoming features or new tools released for users across platforms.

Just earlier this week, we told you about the messaging app getting a new feature called ‘message yourself’ which is gradually making its way to users in India and other countries. And now, new reports say that WhatsApp has an equal focus on features for its desktop app as well.

The new report says that WhatsApp will bring a mute shortcut option for Groups on the desktop app. This shortcut button will be placed at the top of the group chats, allowing users to disable notifications for the particular group they want to mute.

Groups are an integral part of WhatsApp and users have relied on it for planning a trip, or having a surprise party.

Groups on WhatsApp now support up to 1024 members, and having a quick way to mute a group with as many members is a useful tool. WhatsApp brought the same feature to its Android app two weeks ago, and now we’re seeing it extend beyond mobile devices.

WhatsApp’s desktop version has a lot of potential, and slowly we are seeing the messaging app getting its taste of features on the PC as well. You could soon have the calls tab on the desktop app as well, now that it has been tested in the beta version with select users recently.

The message yourself feature introduced on WhatsApp basically gives users the choice to message themselves, i.e. take notes and save them as a draft in the WhatsApp chat feed. Earlier on Monday, WhatsApp denied the allegations of a data breach at its end. It said the phone number is part of a scrape and the screenshots shared in the report are not strong enough evidence to suggest the platform had a leak.

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