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Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Finally Coming To India On April 5: Price And Availability Details – News18

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PlayStation 5 Slim variant is finally come to our shores this month

The new PlayStation 5 version has been available in the US since last year and Indian gamers finally get a chance to pick one.

Console gamers rejoice, as Sony gears up for the sale of its latest console, the PlayStation 5 Slim, in India. Initially unveiled in October last year, the PlayStation 5 Slim was made available in the United States. However, several media outlets have suggested that the product will be making its way to the Indian markets from April 5.

The new version of the PlayStation 5 will be released in two variants with one featuring a disc reader while the other will be a disc-less configuration.

The PlayStation 5’s new physical changes see it require 30 percent less space and see 25 percent cut in weight compared to the original PS 5 model. Despite the slimmer size, the upcoming variant of the console does not skimp on storage capacity with a 1TB capacity. Moreover, the console owners will be allowed to add more storage by using external SSDs.

Speaking of the product’s aesthetics, the PlayStation 5 Slim retains the clean and sleek look of its predecessor. There is a slight change in the number of side plates as the last edition featured two side plates while the Slim version will have four.

One of these extra plates has been designed to house a detachable Blu-ray disk. This will add flexibility for the users who would be free to choose their preferred configuration. The second major difference between the two is in the choice of ports. The previous model includes a USB-C and a USB-A ports. Whereas, the new PS4 Slim has two USB-C ports located at the front of the case for improved accessibility.

As for its internals, the new PlayStation 5 slims houses the same custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU. The processor is clocked at a speed of 3.5GHz with SMT. In the graphics department, the custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU will be handling the duty of running the visuals of your game. The GPU features 36 CUs that have been clocked at a speed of 2.23GHz.

When it comes to pricing, the PlayStation 5 Slim with a disc drive will be launched at Rs 54,990 whereas the the disc-less variant will bear a price tag of Rs 44,990. Both of these variants can be purchased through online offline sellers in India.

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