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The Kashmir Files: BJP MLA compares IFFI jury chief Nadav Lapid with NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad, calls him a ‘PSYCHOPATH’

The film ‘The Kashmir Files’ is once again in the news and controversy has arisen due to a statement made by IFFI Film Festival Jury President Nadav Lapid. Lapid has criticized the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ as a very sleazy and propaganda film. After this, reactions are coming not only from Bollywood but also from political circles. NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad also agreed with Lapid’s statement. Meanwhile, the BJP MLA Atul Bhatkhalkar has challenged him on this.

Awhad Supports Lapid

NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad tweeted, “Since he is an Israeli, the government expected him to run the anti-Muslim film ‘Kashmir Files’. But chief judge Nadav Lapid applauded the festival as a “propaganda and dirty” film.”

Bhatkhalkar Slams Awhad

BJP MLP from Kandivali East constituency, Atul Bhatkhalkar has replied to Jitendra Awad’s criticism. He tweeted, “Nadav Lapid, this year’s IFFI chief jury who accused the Kashmir Files of obscenity, is known in his home country, Israel, as a psychopath. In short, he is the Jitendra Awhad of Israel.”

Nadav Lapid’s Controversial Remark

IFFI Film Festival Jury President Nadav Lapid said, “After watching the film The Kashmir Files, we are all disturbed and distressed. We found this movie dirty and propaganda. It is not appropriate to show this film in such a prestigious film festival. I can express my feelings freely on this forum. This discussion needs to happen. Without any doubt, this discussion is necessary for art.”

Israel’s Apology

After Lapid’s criticism, lead actor of the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ Anupam Kher, and producer Vivek Agnihotri strongly objected to the statement. Meanwhile, Israel’s Ambassador to Mid-West India, Kobbi Shoshani, has said that the comments made by Nadav Lapid are his personal opinion. Although Lapid’s statement has shaken India-Israel relations, he claimed that the dispute would instead bring the two countries closer.

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