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Southwest Airlines passenger attempts to open plane door mid-air cause ‘Jesus told her’; Arrested later

Passengers causing a ruckus in planes during a flight has become common news. Most of the time, these types of news address violent passengers against the cabin crew. However, sometimes the people involved in these incidents become a danger to all the passengers on the plane. In one such incident, a female passenger on Southwest Airlines was restrained and arrested after she attempted to open the side door of the aircraft. Based on the New York Post’s report, the incident occurred while the plane was 37,000 feet in the air.

The reports suggest that the 34-year-old woman named Elom Agbegninou shoved a flight attendant aside in an attempt to open the side door of the plane. However, she didn’t succeed in her attempts, as her co-passengers interrupted and stopped her from opening the emergency exit of the plane.

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Specifically, the incident occurred on Southwest Airlines flight 192, which was on its way from Houston, Texas, to Columbus, Ohio. However, because of the aforementioned incident, the plane had to make an emergency landing at Bill, and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Arkansas, reports New York Post. Following the landing, the woman was handed over to federal agents.

Based on the documents released by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, the accused woman repeated the phrase, “Jesus told her to fly from Ohio, and Jesus told her to open the plane door.” She kept on doing the same, along with banging her head on the plane until she was restrained. When she approached the emergency exit walking back and forth on the aisle, she was asked by the flight attendant to get back to her, to which she refused.

The passenger who attempted to restrain Agbegninou was bitten on his thigh.  Later on, during interrogation, it was revealed that the woman was travelling from Maryland to meet a pastor. It was also found out that she didn’t have any luggage on her.

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