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New Scam Warning From ICICI Bank For Its Customers: Don’t Download Files From Unknown People – News18

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The bank warns its customers about a major security attack from hackers.

ICICI Bank customers have been getting message recently, where they are being warned about possible scamsters and how to avoid these mishaps.

Digital scams are getting savvy and people need to be rightly informed and educated about the fraudsters’ new techniques to dupe you and try to steal money and other important data. ICICI Bank is doing its bit by warning people about a new version of scam where the scammers send them mail/message and ask them to download files or make them click a website URL which is of malicious nature.

ICICI Bank Warning For Customers: What It Says

The bank has issued a public message which is being circulated to its customers on their registered mobile number. “ICICI Bank never sends any SMS/WhatsApp message to its customers, asking them to call a particular mobile number or download any application,” the SMS from ICICI Bank warning about the scam reads.

People tend to be receptive to these messages which leaves them vulnerable to intrusion and allowing the scammers to infect their device and gather data without their consent or alerting them. The advancement in malware tech has made it harder for companies to detect concerns but users in general can be vigilant of their activities, especially related to messages or emails received from strangers.

What Should Customers Do To Avoid These Digital Scams?

ICICI Bank has shared a few tips that can help people secure themselves against these scams:

– Always keep apps and the mobile OS updated to the latest version with the security patch

– Only install apps from genuine sources like the Play Store and Apple App Store

– Block the option to install from third-party/unknown sources

– Do not download from apps or files from websites or emails you don’t trust

If you still somehow manage to fall into the trap of these scams, the bank says you should immediately report to the National Cyber Crime portal or the Chakshu platform that caters to these incidents and digitally lets you record the frauds with the law enforcement agencies.

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