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Google Brings Gemini AI Integration To Maps To Help You Easily Travel: Know More – News18

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Google is bringing the power of Gemini AI to Maps for all users

With Gemini AI in Maps, you can simply ask the AI-powered digital assistant to start navigation to a location from your phone.

Google has bet big on making significant strides in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it has heavily invested in its latest advancement, Gemini AI. Soon after launching the Gemini app, the company is striving hard to enhance its features and add some new features to improve the user experience. In an unending effort to do so, the tech giant has recently updated the AI-powered digital assistant to let users start automatic Google Maps navigation.

The option comes into action once a user asks the AI assistant for help with route navigation. As per a report by 9To5Google, the feature can be used by simply asking the AI-powered digital assistant to start navigation to a location and use prompts such as “Navigate to [place]” or “Take me to [x]” commands.

Upon mentioning the place where you want to go, Gemini will show a brief summary of the route, the expected time to reach the destination, and how many miles away your location is. Gemini also provides a text that reads “See the directions here” to check for detailed navigation.

The AI-powered digital assistant will automatically open Google Maps after a few seconds, with the route underway, and start navigation to improve the hands-free experience.

Meanwhile, the latest Play Store release notes informed users that they can now use their voice to ‘set reminders and calendar entries’ with the AI-powered assistant app if the Workspace extension is turned on in the Gemini app settings. Note that workspace extension availability differs by country. Moreover, the tech giant also updated voice commands to include auto-submit without hitting the send button, reported 9To5Google.

For example, the experimental AI-powered digital assistant app is only available in the US for Android users in English, according to Jagaran report. There are some features, such as controlling routines and media that are not supported on the app yet. In addition to that, users must have a minimum of 4GB of RAM and an Android 12 or later version to use the Gemini app. The free version lets users write texts, generate images, summarise information, and much more with the signature ‘Hey Google’ word.

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