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Apple Adds iPhone 6 Plus To Its Obsolete List, iPad Mini 4 Now Called A Vintage: Here’s What It Means – News18

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Apple has an obsolete and vintage list for its old and outdated devices.

Apple regularly adds old devices like iPhone, Macs and iPads to these lists which means people need to upgrade to the new models.

iPhone 6 Plus is the latest Apple product to see its official support and service come to an end. The last iPhone model to come with a headphone jack has been added to the obsolete list by the company, while the iPad Mini 4 model makes its way to the vintage list. Apple regularly brings its old devices to the obsolete and vintage lists, and these two models are the latest entry.

The obsolete list includes Apple devices that are no longer supported by Apple for repair or services through its Authorised service providers. As for the vintage list, Apple considers all products that have stopped selling around 7 years after their launch. The iPhone 6 Plus came out in September 2014 along with the vanilla iPhone 6 model. It features a bigger screen than its predecessor and also supports Apple Pay.

But more importantly, it was the last iPhone series to support a physical headphone jack. The iPhone 6 is still available in many countries which is why it hasn’t made it to the obsolete list just yet.

The iPad Mini 4 will get 2 more years of support and service from the company, as long as it has the parts available. iPhone had recently added the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Red colour models to the vintage list, and we expect more of these to be added as time goes by.

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