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Alia Bhatt’s trainer demonstrates Pigeon Pose, speaks of benefits

Yoga is recommended by health experts to be taken up for the daily fitness routine. The fitness routine helps in targeting several muscle groups of the body. Yoga’s benefits are manifold. Besides strengthening the bones, joints and the muscles of the body, yoga also helps in boosting digestion, metabolism and relaxing the body. It also helps in having a calm mind, inducing better sleep and creating body awareness and positivity. Yoga helps in bringing more flexibility and stability to the body. Pigeon pose is one such yoga asana that comes with multiple health benefits.

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Anshuka Parwani, yoga trainer to several Bollywood celebrities including Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Ananya Panday, shared a short video on her Instagram profile a day back- and demonstrated the Pigeon Pose for her Instagram family. In the video, Anshuka can be seen sitting on the yoga mat with her one leg stretched backwards, and the other leg folded from the knees to the front. Then she can be seen stretching her upper body and working on the pose. With the video, Anshuka also shared the many benefits of the yoga posture. Anshuka noted down the benefits of the asana – she added that practising the asana helps in improving posture and alignment, stretching hip flexors and lower back, helping with digestion and peristalsis, and helping with urinary disorders and stimulating internal organs. Take a look at the video here.

Anshuka shared the benefits of the Pigeon pose on her post as well – “Pigeon Pose, also known as the king of hip openers, is super helpful to stretch and increase flexibility in the hip and lower back muscles. It also increases the range of motion in the leg and hip areas. It aids to reduce stiffness in the back and shoulders and opens up the chest muscles which in turn improves breathing.” Anshuka further shared a pro tip that people suffering from injury in spine, leg, hips or shoulders should avoid practising this asana.

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