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You Will Always Remain A Hero: Congress As Manmohan Singh Retires From Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge wrote a letter to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as the latter retired from Rajya Sabha. In his letter to the former PM, the Congress chief said, “After having served for more than three decades, an era has come to an end.” “I remember President Obama mentioning about you that Whenever the Indian Prime Minister speaks, the whole world listens to him,” Kharge said in the post.

“Personally, it has been a privilege for me to have been a part of your cabinet. Over the last 10 years, while I have been the leader of the Congress Party in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, you have always been a source of wisdom and someone whose advice I valued. Over the last few years, you have made it a point to be available for the Congress party despite personal inconveniences. For this, the party and I will always remain grateful,” Kharge wrote.

Kharge said that the nation misses the quiet yet strong dignity that you brought to the office of the Prime Minister. The Parliament will now miss your wisdom and experience. Your dignified, measured, soft-spoken yet statesman-like words are in contrast to the loud voices filled with lies that signify the current politics.

Calling the current political situation “unscrupulousness,” he wrote that I still recall your speech on demonetisation which you termed as “monumental management failure” and “an organised loot and legalised plunder”, which has proved to be a grim reality. You showed it is possible to criticise without getting personal. The nation and the people will soon see through the lies of the current government. Just like how the sun and the moon can never be hidden, the truth can also never be hidden. People will realise the importance of your words soon.

Calling him a hero to the middle class and the aspirational youth, he wrote, “A leader and guide to the industrialists and entrepreneurs, and a benefactor to all those poor who were able to climb out of poverty due to your economic policies.”

He further wrote even as you retire from active politics, I hope that you will continue to be the voice of wisdom and moral compass to the nation by speaking to the citizens of our country as often as possible. I wish you peace, health and happiness. 

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