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Watch: Two Men Enter Apple Outlet in California, Steal Phones, Laptops as Customers Stare in Disbelief

A pair of masked bandits robbed a California Apple store in broad daylight on Black Friday. The video of the incident has gone viral where two masked bandits were captured on camera ripping iPhones from display tables and stuffing them into their backpacks.

The shoppers were seen standing awestruck as the two bandits were seen stealing merchandise worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The employees inside Apple’s flagship Palo Alto store were seen deterring customers from apprehending the bandits.

“You gotta back up, man,” employees could be heard telling customers, according to a report by Fox Business.

The video shared by Twitter account PPV Tahoe – News Journalist also showed some customers visibly shocked as two bandits kept ripping phones and laptops from display counters while store officials prevented them from making any moves.

“Yo, should we stop ’em?”, one customer could be heard saying. While these thieves were stuffing phones inside their backpacks, they also carelessly tossed costly merchandise aside, slamming those onto the floors causing probable damage.

The police continue to search for the perpetrators who stole merchandise worth $35,000, Palo Alto online said in a report.

The news website quoted Palo Alto top police official James Reifschneider and said the employee prevented customers from apprehending the bandits because they heard one of the suspects threaten customers with physical violence in case someone made a move. He said the threat elevates the nature of crime to robbery from a burglary shoplifting charge.

Both suspects have been identified as Black males in their late teens or early 20s, Fox Business said in its report.

One suspect was wearing a tan colored hoodie and jeans with a red backpack. The other suspect wore a black and grey camouflage hoodie.

He wore a black Adidas-type pants and carried a black Adidas backpack.

The Palo Alto retail store has been targeted by thieves and burglars earlier as well.

In 2018, the store was robbed twice within 24 hours in 2018. The suspects stole products worth $100,000 during that incident.

In 2016, criminals drove a rented vehicle through the store’s front window and made away with merchandise worth thousands of dollars.

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