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TV tonight: knife-edge viewing of cancer surgeons at work

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life

9pm, BBC Two

More edge-of-your-seat filming of remarkable cancer surgeons at work at University hospital Southampton, which doesn’t shy away from showing you the queasiest bits. First up, removing an elderly man’s right eye to get rid of the lump behind it – a procedure that is only carried out 10 times a year. Then, an 83-year-old man needs both his bladder and prostate removed, but his heart condition means a higher risk of complications. Hollie Richardson

Andi Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts

8pm, BBC Two

Andi receives fresh ingredients for a feast. Photograph: BBC/South Shore Productions

Oliver’s energetic curiosity continues to make this ostensibly bog-standard foodie tour a weekly treat. In Bristol, she visits a charity initiative that is successfully rehousing homeless people. Its launch of a community cafe requires Oliver to knock out her best Caribbean food, with easily swallowed morsels of relevant social history stirred in. Jack Seale

Backstage With the London Philharmonic Orchestra

9pm, Sky Arts

After weeks of intense rehearsal, performance night is here – and we get to experience the LPO’s principal conductor, Edward Gardner, and his orchestra take on Mahler’s Second Symphony in all its glory at London’s Royal Festival Hall. Sit back and enjoy the entire production. HR

Professor T

9pm, ITV1

“You ever seen The Great Escape?” Ben Miller’s neurotic sleuth is still banged up awaiting his murder trial. But the suspicious drowning of a young bride gets him out on day release to examine the case. Miller is suitably gloomy in his prison jumpsuit but there is fun support from Frances de la Tour as his melodramatic mum. Graeme Virtue

The 1980s Supermarket

9pm, Channel 5

Exercise crazes and fad diets are the theme of the retro food series this week, as we return to the days when Britons would fax each other cabbage soup recipes before doing aerobics in front of breakfast TV, then sit down for a hot plate of Findus Lean Cuisine. As the nation pulled on its Lycra, supermarkets were ready to cash in. GV


10pm, BBC Two

Diane Morgan’s wonderfully hapless Mandy goes to the theatre to see Psychic Pauline – a brilliantly kooky turn by the Corrie actor Beverley Callard. Might Pauline be able to connect Mandy with the ghost of the snooker champion Alex “Hurricane” Higgins, with whom she claims to have unfinished business? HR

Film choice

Magical thinking … Asha, voiced by Ariana DeBose, in Disney’s Wish. Photograph: Disney/AP

Wish (Chris Buck/Fawn Veerasunthorn, 2023), Disney+
“When you wish upon a star” basically gets its own origin story in this traditional-style musical animation, part of Disney’s centennial celebrations. Ariana DeBose voices teenager Asha, who lives in an island kingdom ruled by the sorcerer Magnifico (Chris Pine). His deal with the populace is that he’ll take their wishes away, which they’ll then forget, enabling them to get on with their simple lives. Occasionally, he’ll make a wish come true – but only on his terms. Asha rails against this and wishes on a star, which then comes to Earth to wreak magical havoc and liberate the people’s dreams. Simon Wardell

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