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This is King Charles III’s plan ‘to bring in more money’ for royal family

King Charles III is seeking to find alternative sources of income as he is focused on cutting costs and streamlining the royal family, a report said. The monarch is slimming down the number of working members in a bid to save up money and could push for royal residences to be turned into museums to earn more cash, UK Express reported.

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Royal commentator Russell Myers said that the Windsor Castle and Balmoral, which are both actively used by members of the family as homes, could be on the line to see more areas opened up for public visiting.

“Charles is very keen about opening more of the palaces, certainly the ones that aren’t being used. Windsor Castle would probably be one of them and would be opened more,” Russell Myers said.

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He has plans to make Balmoral like a museum to bring in more money and to make it more sustainable for the royal family and for the country, he said.

The plan could also see Buckingham Palace, which for centuries has been serving as the official home of the British sovereign, turned into a bigger museum.

Earlier, Charlotte Griffiths suggested the main residence could be used to entertain guests and dignitaries rather than as a main home.

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“Charles is very fond of Clarence House and everyone in it, and not so attached to Buckingham Palace. So, I think if there are any cuttings to be made from the staff, it’s going to happen at Buckingham Palace. And he’s not going to move in there anytime soon,” Charlotte Griffiths said.

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