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Third gender option on US immigration form sparks a row, ‘is this an April Fools tweet?’, ask netizens

The Biden administration has stirred controversy with its recent update to U.S. immigration applications, introducing a third gender option on the form.

US government's decision to introduce a Gender X option on immigration form sparks a row
US government’s decision to introduce a Gender X option on immigration form sparks a row

Previously, the form offered only male and female options. However, the updated application, now available on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website, includes “another gender identity” alongside male and female. The X gender option is not currently available on any other forms.”

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The agency emphasized that this update aligns with its commitment to inclusivity, aiming to reduce barriers to obtaining immigration benefits.

USCIS is introducing a third gender option, “X,” defined as “Another Gender Identity”. Today we published a new edition of Form N-400, the first form to include the X gender option. This option will become available on additional forms as we revise them,” the agency posted

“The current priority of U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services isn’t to fix the mass illegal immigration crisis. It’s to introduce “a third gender option” on their forms. Can’t make this stuff up,” Vivek Ramaswamy posted on X.

“Not, this is not an April Fool’s Day Joke. This is real. Our country is a trainwreck!’ wrote an X User. ‘Is this an April Fools tweet?’, asked End Wokeness, a right-wing platform with over 2.4 million followers.

This controversy comes on the heels of President Joe Biden’s social media posts celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility, which coincided with Easter this year. Biden’s message, “Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans Americans: I see you. You are made in the image of God, and you’re worthy of respect and dignity,” drew sharp criticism from conservative figures.

The Republicans described the post as disrespectful, while former President Donald Trump’s national press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, labeled it “appalling and insulting,” accusing Biden of launching an “assault on the Christian faith.”

Despite Trump and his MAGA supporters are using the Biden government’s pro-trans and pro-immigrant stance as an election narrative leading up to 2024, Biden has remained a steadfast champion of LGBTQ+ rights throughout his presidency.

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