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SpiceJet Pilots Grounded After Pic Of Beverage Kept On Key Equipment In Plane’s Cockpit Goes Viral

The SpiceJet airline has again come under controversy after an image of a cockpit of the aircraft showing drinks on controls is going viral. The airline pilots have been accused of putting the beverage on the fuel cut-off lever. If spilled, the drinks can end up damaging the aircraft’s controls. Furthermore, the photo also shows the food resting on the control in the aircraft’s cockpit. The alleged unprofessional behaviour seriously threatens the safety of the passengers and crew members on board, creating worries and questions about the image.

The image was shared on social media by a user going by the name Bandit. The user sharing the picture mentioned that such behaviour should not be tolerated. The caption on the picture said, “Appalling & extremely unprofessional behaviour by @flyspicejet pilots.” It further said, “If the liquid (resting on the fuel cutoff levers) spills, it can short circuit the electronics affecting a range of systems and compromise the aircraft’s ability to fly safely.”

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SpiceJet quickly took action against the involved pilots after the picture went viral and stressed how crucial it is always to follow safety procedures.

Meanwhile, SpiceJet has had two Boeing 737-800 aircraft deregistered by the Indian aviation regulator, DGCA. The carrier has reaffirmed that the return of these planes won’t interfere with business as usual. According to notices posted on the regulator’s website, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) deregistered VT-SZK and VT-SYA on March 6 and 9, respectively. 

According to the Cape Town Convention, in the event of a default, lessors and lenders may request the deregistration of a leased aircraft. The Irrevocable De-registration and Export Request Authorisation governs such requests (IDERA). 

“While one of the aircraft is grounded for a long period and was to be returned earlier, the other is being returned due to certain engine issues with the lessor. Both aircraft are being returned in the most efficient manner consensually. This will have no impact on our operations,” the SpiceJet spokesperson said.

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