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Speaker Sitaram Turns Emotional, Says He’s Victim

Vijayawada: Speaker Thammineni Sitaram claimed on Thursday that he behaved in a fair and impartial manner every time the Andhra Pradesh Assembly held its sessions, but was often misunderstood.

“I provided equal opportunities to the opposition members as well as the treasury benches. But, I am a victim of the opposition’s slander,” he said.

The Speaker was addressing the Assembly before adjourning the house sine die. He turned emotional after the 3-day budget session, which took place shortly before the assembly and LS elections.

He recalled that he was lucky to be the fourth nominee to serve as Speaker of the Assembly from Srikakulam.

Sitaram noted with regret that the members of the opposition had often troubled him during the performance of his duties as speaker. “I became a victim of the inappropriate behaviour of the opposition members. In fact, the unruly behaviour of the opposition members, session after session, lowered the level of the state Assembly.”

He said he patiently bore the criticisms of the opposition MLAs.

Sitaram noted that, despite the ruckus, many important bills were passed by the house during his tenure as speaker. He had given sufficient time to members for questions and ministers for answers and behaved responsibly in the house, he stated.

The Speaker suggested that every member should act in the best way to preserve the dignity of the Assembly.

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