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‘Snake will HIBERNATE’: Mahua Moitra MOCKS Mithun Chakraborty, calls Mamata Banerjee ‘TIGRESS’, BJP ‘Howling Fox’

Mithun Chakraborty campaigned for the BJP in the districts of Bengal before the panchayat elections. The saffron camp is trying to ‘solve the puzzle’ of the panchayat polls by fielding the Bollywood Superstar to motivate BJP workers and supporters. In this situation, Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra indirectly attacked the BJP and Mithun in harsh language. At a public meeting in Birbhum, Mahua poked Mithun and said, “Jaldhoda will hibernate.” Besides, the MP from Krishnanagar termed Suvendu Adhikari as a ‘big thief’ and the BJP as ‘howling fox’.

Mahua said, “Kick the BJP out of Bengal. The BJP has no more breath in Maharashtra, Bihar and even Gujarat. Do not vote in the name of Ram-Sita. We will throw BJP out of the country.” Mahua also said, “BJP is a howling fox. Rolls tail and runs away. Mamata Banerjee is a tigress. In 2021, the BJP ran away with its tail folded. The BJP should be reduced to zero in the next elections too.” In the words of the Trinamool leader, the upcoming panchayat elections are very important for the party. Because, after Panchayat there is Lok Sabha polls. The vote in which the BJP can be thrown out of the country.The BJP

Meanwhile, Mithun came to campaign for the BJP in Birbhum a few days ago. Attacking Mithun, Mahua said, “Jaldhora will go into hibernation. And if he raises his head, then give him a bunch of chili peppers at home. That will make the snake escape.” Meanwhile, the Trinamool MP also hit back at the state leader of the opposition, Suvendu Adhikari. She said, “Big thief Suvendu Adhikari should go to jail. In Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma stole 5000 crore rupees. He got the post of chief minister. Suvendu took five crore from Narada Scam in Bengal. So he is the leader of the opposition. They get the position as they give the package.” 

It is to be noted that earlier several BJP leaders, including Suvendu, were heard saying, “Big thief will be caught in December.” At times, the Saffron camp hinted that the Trinamool Congress government would fall in December. In this situation, the MP from Krishnanagar predicted the ‘jail journey’ of Suvendu.

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