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Sandeshkhali: BJP says Mamata Banerjee’s conscience dead, questions Rahul Gandhi’s ‘silence’

Kolkata: The Bharatiya Janata Party on Wednesday claimed West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee wants to hide something in the Sandeshkhali sexual violence case. Senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad today said Banerjee is risking the honour of women in Bengal to save her political reputation. He also questioned the silence of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on the issue.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee recently accused the Centre of cancelling the Aadhaar cards of several residents in the state. (ANI)

“Sandeskhali issue is serious…What is emerging about the blatant assault, humiliating treatment and sexual assault of women is a shame on our society and democracy. Mamata Banerjee is still defending it. Why?…One journalist was also arrested. What does Mamata Banerjee want to hide, and why? To save her political reputation, a woman CM is risking the honour of women. Why Where has her conscience died?” he said.

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Prasad also questioned CPI(M) and Congress over their silence.

“Why are the parties silent? I heard that a woman leader of the CPI(M) visited the area but the CPI(M) has not opposed it (the incident), it has not made a public comment. Rahul Gandhi is silent,” he said.

Several women in Bengal’s 24 North Parganas district have been protesting against TMC leader Shahjahan Sheikh over alleged land grabbing and sexual violence. The Bengal police have arrested two TMC leaders but Sheikh is missing.

Senior BJP leaders have been protesting in the city over the issue.

IPS officer calls Khalistani, Opposition reacts

Meanwhile, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury slammed BJP leaders for allegedly calling a Sikh police officer Khalistani.

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“In West Bengal, BJP leaders have addressed a police officer as a Khalistani and insulted him. I condemn this. They are not aware of Bengal’s culture… We also wanted to go to Sandeshkhali and we were stopped. This doesn’t mean that any officer should be targeted based on their religion… IPS Jaspreet Singh must be feeling insulted after such a slur… Congress also criticises Bengal police but we do not make such comments. The BJP should apologise for this publicly,” he said.

AAP leader Gopal Rai said the BJP humiliated the IPS officer.

“The way BJP leaders humiliated an IPS officer on duty in West Bengal by calling him Khalistani is not acceptable. In the entire country whoever believes in the unity of the country also believes that to strengthen this country no one should be humiliated on caste, religion, region or linguistic ground…The way the BJP leader publicly humiliated him (IPS officer) shows how hate is rooted in them…They (BJP leaders) are issuing certificates to everyone and have crossed all the boundaries of the constitution… AAP condemn this act in strong words and we ask the BJP to issue a public apology,” he said.

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The officer can be seen losing his cool on camera when someone from the crowd hurled the slur.

“You are calling me a Khalistani because I am wearing a turban. Is this your courage? If any policeman wears a turban and does his duty, he becomes Khalistani? Is this your level?” Jaspreet Singh, the officer, was heard telling a group of BJP legislators including Adhikari.

Reacting to the row, Mamata Banerjee said on Tuesday that BJP’s “divisive politics” overstepped its constitutional boundaries.

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“Today, the BJP’s divisive politics has shamelessly overstepped constitutional boundaries. As per BJP every person wearing a TURBAN is a KHALISTANI. I VEHEMENTLY CONDEMN this audacious attempt to undermine the reputation of our SIKH BROTHERS & SISTERS, revered for their SACRIFICES and UNWAVERING DETERMINATION to our nation. We stand firm in protecting Bengal’s social harmony and will take stern lawful measures to prevent any attempts to disrupt it,” she said in a post on ‘X’.

The Bengal police said it was Bengal BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari who said the word.

The BJP leader today dared the police to either prove the charge or face consequences.

With inputs from ANI, PTI

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