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Russia-Ukraine war: Emmanuel Macron, Joe Biden meet in US, take common approach to talk to Vladimir Putin

New Delhi: The US and France will seemingly form a united front seeking end of the war in Ukraine. Leaders of both countries will have a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue despite the fact that Ukraine forces are continuously pushing back the Russian army in some areas.

French President Emmanuel Macron also highlighted Moscow`s “atrocities” in its war against Ukraine. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden also stated that “he is open for dialogue with Putin to end the war in Ukraine.”

Ever since the war began, the world has been facing complications in essential supplies as the supplies Russia and Ukraine to the rest of the world have been restricted. The restriction of crude oil supplies also led to increased oil prices reaching the $100 dollar a barrel mark.

Macron, during a joint press conference with Biden said, “We`re going to stand together against this brutality, and we`ll continue the strong support for the Ukrainian people.” Biden said he has no immediate plans to contact Putin but that he is prepared to meet with the Russian leader “if he has decided he`s looking for a way to end the war.”

Biden also stated that he would be “happy to sit down with Putin to see what he wants or has in mind”, and would be consulting with NATO allies, including France for the same.

Macron expressed his intention to talk with Biden and look for ways to strengthen their support for Ukrainian troops and the Ukrainian people. “It`s extremely important for the US to continue supporting Ukraine for the stability of the world,” Macron said.

Notably, France provided its military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

He said, “We will never urge the Ukrainians to make any compromise that`s unacceptable to them. If we want a sustainable peace, we have to respect the Ukrainians to decide the moment and the conditions in which they will negotiate about their territory and their future.”

both the leaders agreed to ‘resynchronize’ their methods when it comes to investing in emerging industries claiming that “it was not true that the US deliberately tried to shut out European companies.”

The French president`s visit to Washington came as a result of diplomatic quarrel between the countries over a submarine deal that the Biden administration made with Australia and the UK. Australia, however, cancelled the deal to buy submarines from France after signing the defence pact with the US and the UK.

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