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Rare Friendship! Man kisses, cuddles lion; VIRAL video takes internet by storm- WATCH

Big cats are meant to be in the wild and are not usually friendly to humans unless they’re in captivity. But love makes everything possible. Though lions are referred to as aggressive in nature and are referred to as dangerous without warning, they can turn into friendly, lovable beings if treated right. Recently, a video took the internet by storm where a caretaker can be seen petting an adult lion. The lion seems very friendly and comfortable with the man. The man kisses the big cat on its nose and head and took netizens by surprise when the lion just lied there gently and enjoyed being snuggled like a house cat.

The heartwarming clip is going viral and is winning thousands of hearts on social media. The video was shared on Instagram by the page ‘lionlovershub.’ ‘When your bestie just wants cuddles,’ read the caption of the Instagram post. The video was initially shared on TikTok by the user ‘shandorlarenty.’ The reel has gone viral with over 3.6 million views and 213k likes.

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Netizens soon took over the comments section and filled it with heartwarming responses. “This guys is the luckiest person on earth,” one of the netizens commented. “I wish I could do that. That is special for sure,” read another comment.

“The love is real!!! That’s what’s up. I believe we were meant to live peacefully amongst animals,” read another comment. However, some netizens did not think this video was ‘normal.’ “I don’t think that’s normal…The wild animals should stay wild! They are not pets,” read a comment on the viral video. 

A few days ago, another video went viral where a lioness was seen jumping into a safari vehicle, cuddling with tourists. The big cat didn’t attack the travellers, and later tourists were seen petting the wild cat. 

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