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Prostitute Mastermind in Realtor Pitla Ramu’s Murder; Daughter as Honey Trap

Hyderabad: Realtor Pitla Ramu was lured into a honey trap-cum-revenge by a mother-daughter duo and their associates and murdered on February 7, Jubilee Hills police said on Sunday. Police claimed that the mother, Imam Bi alias Haseena, had allegedly used her daughter Naseema Sultana to lure Ramu in order to take over his villa at Nizampet that was reportedly worth crores.

The Jubilee Hills police had on February 9 arrested the mother-daughter duo as well as Indugula Manikanta, Daravath Vinod Kumar, Mohd. Khaisar, Kavali Shivakumar, Kappala Nikhil and Tunna Kumar.

Quoting from her confession report, police said Imam Bi had previously blackmailed a person for `3 lakh. She was also accused of running a brothel and pushing girls into commercial sex work.

Police said Ramu had stabbed Manikanta, an accused in the murder case, after a dispute over a land deal. He was looking for revenge, according to the confession report.

Vinod, Manikanta’s associate, was in love with Naseema, police sources alleged. As part of a conspiracy, Naseema complained to Vinod that Ramu was harassing her. He informed Manikanta about it and they decided to murder Ramu, and dicussed the plan with Imam Bi, sources said.

Police said Imam Bi was in a relationship with Ramu and was extorting money from him. She had incited her daughter to complain about Ramu, police said, quoting Imam Bi’s confession.

On the other hand, she reportedly offered Ramu a relationship with other girls. That is what drew Ramu to the trap and resulted in his murder. His badly mutilated body was recovered on February 7.

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