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Preparing For CAT Exam? 5 Tips To Follow A Week Before The Test – News18

It is necessary to take breaks while preparing for the exam.

CAT aspirants should spend at least 3 hours solving mock test papers every day.

The upcoming CAT (Common Admission Test) is slated to be held on November 26. It is termed one of the toughest MBA (Masters of Business Administration) examinations in India. The aspirants can easily crack this examination with the right preparation. A good percentile in the CAT exam can help candidates to qualify for prestigious institutions like IIM (Indian Institute of Management). The IIM passouts earn a huge salary as well, which ranges reportedly from Rs 10 to 20 lakh per annum. This space articulates how candidates can prepare and revise strategy in the last 8 days before the CAT exam.

1. Attempt Mock Test Papers – CAT aspirants should spend at least 3 hours solving mock test papers every day. They should analyse the paper after attempting it and check for weak portions in the topics. They should take note of the difficult questions. The aspirants should keep on attempting the papers. Speed also holds great importance in this exam, and the candidates should work on this aspect as well.

2. Revision- Aspirants should focus on the revision part on the days they are not attempting the mock tests. They should put in special efforts on the subjects in which they are weak. They should give equal focus on all four sections in the CAT syllabus.

3. Revise the formulas and increase vocabulary- It is essential to memorise all the formulas to solve the numerical problems in the CAT exam. The candidates should add to their vocabulary by practising reading in English regularly. They should also note down their meanings.

4. Remain well-equipped with current affairs- It is vital for the CAT aspirants to read the newspaper daily. They should also keep themselves updated with current affairs and general knowledge. In most of the MBA entrance exams, aspirants are required to attempt a section on general awareness.

5. Take proper rest- It is necessary to take breaks as well while preparing for the CAT examination. It becomes even more important if you are working and preparing for the CAT exam alongside. The aspirants should focus on eating healthy food and getting enough sleep regularly. They should take out ample amounts of time for exercises as well.

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