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Pontiac brothers wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years to file $125M lawsuit

(WXYZ) — Two brothers from Pontiac who were wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years are filing a $125 million lawsuit.

George and Melvin DeJesus were released from prison on March 22, 2022 after they were wrongfully convicted in the 1995 rape and murder of Margaret Midkiff in the City of Pontiac.

“This is the best day of my life. We are extremely happy and overwhelmed. It’s been a long time coming and it took a lot of help and people.” George said back in March.

Investigators said the two brothers were tied to a Pontiac killing of a woman in July 1995 after she was found naked and tied up in her basement. A team of investigators says another man, Brandon Gohagen, confessed to a sexual assault related to the murder, then cut a deal to blame the killing on the brothers.

The court records show both brothers had an alibi at the time, but nonetheless were found guilty.

“The only scientific evidence at the scene belonged to Brandon Gohagen. Advanced DNA, there was nothing that connected George or Melvin to that scene.” Assistant Attorney General Robyn Frankel said.

They were released from prison after an investigation by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office Conviction Integrity Unit, the Michigan Innocence Clinic and the Cooley Law School Innocence Clinic.

According to the Mueller Law Firm, which is representing the brothers, an Oakland County Sheriff’s Office detective who was handling the case said Gohagen passed a polygraph test and was able plead guilty to sexual assault and second-degree murder, avoiding the first-degree murder charge.

But, new evidence found that Gohagen actually failed the polygraph test, contrary to the polygraph examiner’s report.

The brothers are expected to speak during a press conference at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

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