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PM Modi mentions Kharge’s ‘Ravan’ comment, says Congress never believed in Ram

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday referred to Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge’s ‘Ravan’ comment and said there is a competition going on inside the party on who can abuse Modi more. “The competition is on who can abuse Modi more, who can deliver the most stinging attack,” PM Modi said addressing a public meeting in Gujarat’s Kalol for the second phase of the election on December 5 as the polling for the first phase is going on.

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As PM Modi spoke, he also referred to the ‘aukaat’ remark made by Congress leader Madhusudan Mistry where he said the election will show PM Modi his ‘aukaat’. “Then respected Kharge ji compared me with Ravana,” PM Modi said launching a blistering attack on Congress.

“Some calls me a demon, some says cockroach,” PM Modi said.

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“Those who never believed in the existence of Lord Ram have now brought in (demon king) ‘Ravan’ from Ramayana. And, I am surprised they never expressed repentance, forget about tendering an apology, after using such cuss words for me,” the PM said.

On Tuesday, addressing a rally in Gujarat, Mallikarjun Kharge asked whether PM Modi has 100 heads as he is the face of all elections — be it the civic election or the assembly election. “PM Modi always talks about himself. ‘Don’t look at anyone, just look at Modi and vote’. How many times do we have to look at you? We have to see to your face in corporation election, MLA election and then MP election. Do you have 100 faces like Ravan? What is it?” Kharge said triggering a row.

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