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Pakistan ISI-backed smugglers using old, large-sized drones to infiltrate into India

Chandigarh: On the night of November 28th, the BSF shot down two large-sized Pak drones each in the area of Dariya Manzoor and Harbhajan Border Out Post (BOP) while another Pak drone was made to fly back by its pilot in Pakistan from the area of Wadai Cheema BOP. The credit of sudden change in the make and type of flying machines by Pakistan smugglers goes to the installation of anti-drone technology by the BSF all along the 553 kilometers Indo Pak international border in Punjab even as in the recent past BSF’s Director General Pankaj Kumar Singh had stated that the intrusion of Pak aerial vehicle had doubled.

Highly placed sources informed that with the successive ‘unsuccessful’ sorties, the Pakistan Rangers and Pakistani ISI-backed smugglers started suffering huge losses following which they decided to use old flying machines to intrude inside the Indian territory. Sources having close access to the shot-down Pak drone informed Zee News that the hexacopter was fitted with 4 batteries , 6 propellers of Falcon company, 1 antenna, 4 Camilon 1200 MAh batteries, and 1 autopilot device of Cubic company.

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“In appearance, it looks the biggest ever drone brought down by BSF in the Punjab Frontier but at the same time it appears to be locally assembled in Pakistan which comes cheaper,” said sources. Another benefit of the installation of anti-drone technology on the Indo-Pak international border has led to almost zilch flying of drones by the Indian smugglers who, in past, would send the flying machines from India to Pakistan which would be fitted with payload (heroin or arms) by their Pak counterpart and the Indian drone pilots would fly them back.

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This was for the first time that BSF’s two women constables Preeti and Bhagyashree who were deployed in the area of Dariya Manzoor shot down the Pak flying machine and to motivate them they were given cash awards on the spot by their seniors.

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