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Only one Indian movie in Netflix Top 10

Quite a lot of Indian films regularly, keep streaming on Netflix and a good number of them. Also some or the other good number of India films, keep trending in the Top 10 category. But in the last one week looks like no Indian film has impressed the audience of Netflix.

As of now, only Fighter is the Indian title spending its second consecutive week on Netflix’s global top 10 non-English film chart, with 6.5 million views. Fighter generated 17.8 million watch hours on Netflix. Titles like “Animal, (Hindi) and Murder Mubarak, (Hindi) as well as Anweshippin Kandethum, (Malayalam) have exited from the latest top 10 list.

In the recent times, except from the Malayalam film industry, there have not been any major releases from the Telugu film industry and looks like none of them have made it to the Netflix for the OTT streaming. so for any other Indian film to trend on the top 10 list of Netflix, major releases with huge star cast seem to be very important.

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