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On camera, Korean streamer sexually assaulted by Indian man in Hong Kong: Report

A harrowing incident of a woman from South Korea being sexually assaulted in Hong Kong allegedly by an Indian man has surfaced on social media. The incident was captured live on camera when the IRL streamer was broadcasting on Twitch her day trip in Hong Kong, sparking massive outrage on social media and raising concerns about the safety of content creators.

Twitch streamer from South Korea sexually assaulted in Hong Kong.

In the video now viral on social media, a man can be seen following the victim on a stairwell of a subway while she was reportedly on her way back home. He initially tried to get her attention by asking the woman for help with the public transport system.

The accused suddenly grabbed her arm and asked her to come with him.

“Listen, come with me. I’m alone,” the man said as he kept following her to the subway.

The suspect, reportedly identified as Amit, pinned her to the wall at the deserted stairwell and sexually assaulted her. As Twitch users watched the horror live hoping someone would come to her rescue, another commuter near the scene raised an alarm. The accused immediately fled the scene.

Social media users identified the accused as Amit, who, on his Facebook profile, claimed to be an employee of Rajasthan Rifles, Hong Kong’s Indian restaurant. Rajasthan Rifles, however, said that the individual in question is “not a part of the Rajasthan Rifles team or the Black Sheep community and has not been for one year.”

“We are aware of the situation concerning the assault in the Central MTR station….We deplore and do not tolerate this type of behaviour.”

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