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NSDC and HCLTech collaborate to introduce digital assessments in tech & non-tech based courses

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) entered into a partnership with HCLTech to bridge the skills gap, particularly in the tech and engineering sectors.

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According to a press release by HCLTech, both organisations will work together to promote the adoption of technology among learners from diverse backgrounds and explore new global markets and business opportunities. The agreement was exchanged by Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO, NSDC and C Vijayakumar, CEO & Managing Director, HCLTech.

According to HCLTech, this partnership will enable both organisations to jointly transform the assessment landscape and digital learning by introducing digital assessments in tech and non-tech-based courses (B2B & B2C). There is also scope for collaborating on the creation of new products and programs to enhance talent with flexibility and scale. The vision is to add a new dimension in assessment for setting standards in digital learning indicating the keenness of both organisations to provide a regular check in learning and augment access to technology.

“NSDC and HCLTech are entering into this partnership with a commitment to enhance the trust in job markets. Both organizations will jointly develop an assessment platform where students and working professionals can get themselves assessed and certified for skills in demand. This is a significant step towards moving from qualification-based hiring to skill-based hiring. Both parties will also collaborate to offer reskilling, upskilling online courses to prepare for opportunities in a dynamic job market,” said Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO, NSDC.

“We are delighted to join forces with NSDC to leverage digital technologies to build a future-ready talent ecosystem for India and the rest of the world. I am confident that HCLTech’s proven Career Shaper learning and assessments platforms and NSDC experience in talent and nation building can make a significant impact in how technology can be smartly used for skilling,” said Srimathi Shivashankar, Corporate Vice President and Global Head, EdTech Business, HCLTech.

As part of the agreement, NSDC and HCLTech will jointly leverage each other’s technical and domain expertise in the Assessment platform, Assessment & hiring test (both tech and non-tech), Smart labs (coding and data science), Learning programs, Faculty development & certification programs, and Advisory services for government and institutions. Additionally, both organisations will also collaborate in creating joint IPs for digitalizing and digitizing assessments, covering the wider landscape of skills as well as the educational ecosystem and engaging in advisory services and positioning tech solutions, mentioned the press release.

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