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NCPEDP, Bajaj Finserv to Provide Scholarship to 100 Students With Disabilities

The program will provide financial aid and education to 100 students with disabilities (Representative image)

It will cater to 30 Secondary, 30 Senior Secondary, and 40 from higher education students across Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra

The National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) has partnered with Bajaj Finserv Limited for a Scholarship Program for students with disabilities in India. The launch of the scholarship is in alignment with the recently launched National Education Policy 2022.

The program aims to provide financial support to 100 students with disabilities who can have access to education whilst overcoming social barriers and inequality. 30 students from secondary education, 30 from senior secondary Education, and 40 from higher education will be selected for the scholarship program based in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra (The states identification is a strategic decision).

Along with providing scholarships, the project also includes capacity-building workshops for students as well as for parents, teachers, and research studies. The application forms for the scholarship are available at . The last date to submit the applications is 25 January 2023, Wednesday.

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As per the UDISE+ report, in 2018-19, only 29.47 per cent schools across the country had children with disabilities enrolled in them and there is a wide inter-state variation. The enrolment of children with disabilities at the secondary level of school education was also reported to be almost half of the total number of children with disabilities enrolled in the elementary level. The GPI (gender parity index) of children with disabilities from 2014-15 to 2018-19, too, indicates a consistent low ratio of girls with disabilities to boys with disabilities.

Arman Ali, Executive Director at NCPEDP, said, “By starting the scholarship in Uttar Pradesh, the largest state with the greatest number of persons with disabilities, and Maharashtra, one of the largest and most heavily populated states in the entire country, we see it as an opportunity to reach students with disabilities who might be in utmost need of this scholarship. This is an effort to identify, reach out and document the stories of excellence, good practices, gaps, and challenges concerning disability-inclusive education,”

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