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N Biren Singh says Manipur to ‘deport’ those who arrived after 1961

Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh announced on Monday that individuals who arrived and established residence in the state after 1961, irrespective of their caste or community, would be identified and deported. This measure is viewed as a step to safeguard the ethnic communities of Manipur, which has been experiencing sectarian tensions since May 2023.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh (ANI)

Singh attributed the violence that gripped the state for months to the drug mafia and illegal migrants, particularly refugees from Myanmar, TOI reported.

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Speaking at the launch of a skill development programme on Monday, Singh described the current state of affairs in the region as a struggle for existence and cultural identity, highlighting the seriousness of the issues at hand. He stressed the urgency of resolving the state’s crisis, as per ANI.

Singh said, “We are passing through troubled times. The crisis we are facing today is one of struggle for existence, survival, and identity. The properties and identity, inherited over centuries, have now become insecure due to the lack of vision of certain politicians. Our generation is insecure today, so the government is working to make your future secure.”

Singh further emphasised the significance of Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s social media announcement about the termination of the India-Myanmar Free Movement Regime (FMR), highlighting its role in tackling internal security and demographic issues.

He stated that the government’s measures, such as erecting fences and revoking the FMR, were aimed at guaranteeing a secure future, thereby curbing rampant illegal immigration and illicit activities like drug trade and weapons trafficking.

Singh said according to ANI, “The insecurity we have today will not be faced by the generations to come. That is why we are bearing all the criticisms.”

During the unveiling of the Honda India Foundation’s initiative ‘Buniyaad – Aatmanirbharta Ka Adhaar’, Singh conveyed appreciation to the foundation for selecting Manipur as the project site. He also commended the residents of Manipur for their amiable demeanour, adherence to discipline, and commitment to cleanliness.

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