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Must read books by Women Authors of India

Books are the best companion in every situation and they take us in different world. Their words are more than ink on paper, they have the potential to touch our soul and shape our thought. Books can sometimes be a moral and other other time an inspiration. Let us honour and appreciate the women Authors of India who have used their pen and brought something creative in the form of their books.

1. “Lost Edges” by Salini Vineeth

Salini Vineeth is a fiction and freelance writer based in Bangalore. She worked for ten years as an engineer before turning to full-time writing in December 2018. Since then, she has published five books. She has also published several short stories and essays in literary magazines. She is the recipient of the Orange Flower Award for Humour in 2023. Lost Edges is author Salini Vineeth’s debut novel. It is the story of love buffeted by the realities of life, and people. Lost Edges is the story of two millennials trying to find love and purpose while navigating misplaced ambitions, mental health issues, and gender inequalities. Will the couple come out unscathed, or will they sink further? Will they be able to rediscover themselves and their love for each other? The success of “Lost Edges” hinges on various factors, including the author’s writing style, adept character development, and the capacity to draw readers into the protagonists’ emotional odyssey.

2. “Naked: A Novel” by Aditi Mediratta and and Michaela Talwar

Aditi Mediratta started her writing career as a crime reporter for the India Today daily, Today. She has worked as an associate writer for films like Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, The Dirty Picture, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2, Azhar, etc. Michaela Talwar is the co-founder and creative director at Harkat Studios, an international boutique art studio in Mumbai . “Naked” proves to be an enthralling blend of character exploration and an engrossing mystery. The authors adeptly intertwine various perspectives and storylines, gradually unraveling the truth behind Chinky’s tragic demise. On a rainy morning her naked body washed ashore on Versova, a beach in Mumbai. Gaikwad begins his investigation by interrogating people who were related to Chinky. “Naked,” a novel by Aditi Mediratta and Michaela Talwar, is a captivating murder mystery thriller set in the heart of Mumbai. Naked goes beyond the surface of a murder investigation. It explores deep into human connections and the quest to find one’s true home.

3. “Where Love Was Sinful” by Chirasree Bose

Chirasree Bose is one of the noted authors of the present time in India with four celebrated books under her belt and some rewarded short stories published across platforms. Her latest books include the bestsellers Where Love Was Sinful and There’s Blood on Your Heart. Rated highly across online platforms like Amazon and Goodreads, her books remain an unrivalled choice if you’re a fan of Indian drama and thrillers. Very soon, she’s coming up with her fifth book, a unique psychological thriller based in the city of Pune. “Where Love Was Sinful” by Chirasree Bose is a thriller set in a household of a powerful political family of Delhi. The narrative centers around three main characters: Maya, Aahil, and Shaaman. The author skillfully portrays the intricate dynamics between them, creating a compelling and engaging storyline. The author’s construction of the plot is particularly commendable.

4. ”Mandeep Meets Mandeep” by Dr Sona Sharma

Dr Sona Sharma is an author, medical professional, blogger and a science enthusi-ast. Her interests are deeply embedded in her writing. She believes that every writer has the power to influence perceptions and must use this power judiciously and responsibly. Her mythology science fiction, Time and Tide, has been featured as a must-read in several noted publications and digital magazines. A firm believer in making early education exciting, she has also written a series of books with science concepts for young readers. Her latest book, Mandeep Meets Mandeep is a medical thriller based on true-life events. This fast-paced book featured on Amazon’s Hot New Releases for over 50 days consistently since its launch. It has been described by readers and reviewers as a captivating, quick read with unexpected twists and turns that make it hard to put down. The book was officially launched by the noted actress and author Ms Tisca Chopra. Deeply inspired by this story, she came forward to sign up as a blood stem cell donor herself.

5. “Unbeatable” by Shikhi Sharma

Shikhi Sharma is an author and Senior Manager in Government Bank. She has been a TEDx speaker and her second book unbeatable has been published in over 14 countries. She is passionate about writing on life and was inspired by the true story of this amazing boy Tapasvi and decided to make this inspirational story reach the millions of children and parents who are struggling with cerebral palsy. “Unbeatable” by Shikhi Sharma is an inspiring story of a dedicated couple who accepted their special child. is a sensitive story revealing the amazing life of Tapasvi – a twenty-two-year-old facing Cerebral Palsy and Dyslexia. Mostly narrated by his father Mr. Ajay, the story is an example of what one can do when suffice under challenging circumstances. The book starts with Manju, mother of the twins Mr. Ajay accepting divine responsibilities when the journey of raising his son who has not only one but two medical conditions is quite challenging. The inspiring tale puts light on a sensitive issue in society. It is important that we accept the specially-abled kids among us and give them a chance.


Husna is a published author and poet. Though a dentist by qualification, she is a writer by choice. She uses travel experiences and cultural immersion as an inspira-tion for her stories. Red River Rising is a thriller/fiction based on the deluge of 2018 in the flood plains and hills of the Periyar river in Kerala. Though the story veers to-ward the surreal at some instances, the characters affirm their faith in shared hu-manity. In an almost anthromorphic prologue, the story revolves around 5 characters who are affected by the river and whose lives become inexplicably entwined. It’s a story of rebellion, and love is the greatest rebellion of all!

Author Husna has presented a moving story of resilience, against a well researched backdrop. She has wonderfully explored the social, psychological, environmental and political impact the river has on its unsuspecting protagonists.

7. “A place called home” by Nithya Chellam

Nithya Chellam is an Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator, Certified Facilitator, Talk to the Entities Facilitator, CFMW. Life Coach, Author, Certified hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Specialist, Souls Temple Facilitator, Reiki Grand Master, Tarot Reader, Angel healing facilitator and Shamanic Facilitator. “A place called home : An invitation to fall in love with yourself and earth” by Nithya Chellam navigates you through series of powerful questions that can actually open different doors for you. It effortlessly conveys the truths of life in a light, warm tone, accentuating them with snippets of personal experience. Each chapter unveils a set of questions, which if asked everyday, can focus life’s energy on reaching every goal, living from a place of peace and laying a steady path to success and happiness. The Author swiftly presents the Essence of a variety of these dimensions, of what Home Represents to most of us and more drawing from her own experiences.

8. ”Twisted Tales and Turns” by Smita Das Jain

Smita Das Jain is a writer by passion and writes every day. Her debut short story collection A Slice of Life was named among India’s top three fiction works by Writefluence, and her debut novel A Price to Love found a mention in the Top 50 books of 2022 . “Twisted Tales and Turns: A Journey through the Unexpected” is a multi-genre short story collection containing 20 unique stories with an unforeseen twist at the end. Each story makes the reader reflect on the unpredictable world in an entertaining manner. Readers are taken on a journey of suspense, emotion and imagination. Once started, it is very difficult to leave the book without completing it. There is something for everyone here, whether you’re looking for a heartwarming story about friendship, a spine chilling paranormal tale, or an enthralling exploration of the future. With every sentence, one can imagine the characters moving around as if witnessing a drama in reality.

9. ”Baby Steps To Big Dreams: Essential Conversations For Modern Parents” by Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff

A pioneering visionary, edupreneur Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff, MD & CEO of the Kalorex group, is a name synonymous with education in India. She has influenced the lives of more than 65,000 stu-dents over the past decades. Driven by a passion for excellence, she has dedicated her entire life to the empowerment of students and the advancement of education. Dr. Manjula Pooja Shroff’s book “Baby Steps to Big Dream” is an extensive manual that covers every step of a child’s growth, from the foetal stage to the primary school years and adolescence. The book discusses important parenting topics and emphasises the value of communication at every level. How the parents deal with their unspoken words and feelings is all mentioned here in the book as well as the difficulty in coding the babies during these stages is explained here in the book along with the solutions of them to grab the unspoken words.

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