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Manifestation guide for Nov 20-26, 2023: How to make your dreams come true based on your sun sign


Manifest Protection

Weekly manifestation from November 20-26, 2023: Here is what can you manifest based on your sun sign.(Pixabay)

Aries, your loyalty is a core value, making it challenging to trust others as much as you trust yourself. However, remember that we aren’t meant to navigate life entirely alone. Humans are social beings, reliant on each other.

Think about those who’ve guided and supported you on your journey so far. Reflect on those you’ve leaned on in times of need. Identify both spiritual and physical guides in your life, acknowledging their support. Consider past instances where you’ve been protected and notice any present signs safeguarding you from harm.


Manifest Recovery

At this moment, you may harbor some lingering resentment, whether it’s due to co-workers not pulling their weight or housemates causing difficulties. These issues have been bottled up, but addressing them is key to finding inner peace.

To start your recovery, envision your ideal interactions and relationships in your daily life. Begin scripting how you’d like your day to unfold starting from tomorrow. Detail how you seek help and receive it, express your emotions calmly, and communicate unmet needs. Write down the dialogues and responses to create a clearer vision.


Manifest Healthy Boundaries

There are upcoming challenges and lessons on your horizon, and things might feel overwhelming. This is a good time to seek support from others when needed, as collaboration often yields better results.

Identify two areas of your life that feel out of control recently, such as social life or work-related matters. Consider small steps you can take to regain a sense of control, like leaving a few minutes early for work or taking time for personal decompression before engaging with family.


Manifest Desire

This week, your work, health, and daily routines undergo significant transformations that will greatly benefit you. However, you might feel your mental energy scattered due to numerous changes. Focus on a few tasks at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

What steps can you take to infuse passion into your life and break away from the mundane? Identify areas that could reignite your energy and enthusiasm.


Manifest Happiness

This week, the cosmos hint at a wave of positive changes. New romance, hobbies, and joyous activities are on the horizon!

Journal Prompt: What small step can you take this week to ease a persistent ache in your life? What delightful moments are you looking forward to this holiday season?


Manifest Strength during Change

Your emotions are like a rollercoaster lately. To stay sane in this bustling holiday season, become a list-making pro! Planning is your key to sanity amid the chaos.

Set 3 life goals for this season and jot down 3 ways to ease achieving each goal.


Manifest Balance

Midweek, the communications sector buzzes with the Sun and Mars. Hey, Libra, tons of tasks await! Relax, the internet’s here to stay. All theinfo’s a click away.

Embrace Stephen Covey’s task approach. List life roles – gamer, mom, friend, patient. What does each demand weekly? Understand demands for a balanced life.


Manifest Creativity

The festive season can stress your wallet, so now it’s finance time! Budgets, apps, every penny counts. But remember, amidst it all, enjoy the holidays – it’s about family and joy!

Prompt yourself: Shake up routines for spontaneity. Can the commute change? Try to make a new accessory or reconnect with an old friend on breaks


Manifest Gratitude

Sagittarius, you’re adored and outgoing, likely getting many gifts and party invites this season. Being the life of the party is natural for you! Remember, kindness starts small – being thankful and appreciative.

Create a concise gratitude list. Make it detailed and specific, like:

  1. I’m thankful for the deep bond with [person’s name].

2. Grateful for the healing of [specific issue].

3. Thankful for [small positives, like smooth traffic or punctual buses].


Manifest Healing

The Sun and Mars will be in your private space soon. It’s a cue to plan and be more private. Sometimes, we just need our space and privacy. Staying home might be the best choice!

Check out the recurring themes in your life. Is there a pattern in situations like x, y, or z? Keep a calendar to note when these patterns happen. Reflect on how these patterns affect you. Do they bring any negativity? If yes, what do they bring up?


Manifest Routines

This week, you’ll be leading, and everyone will look at how you manage things. How do you handle your team, duties, and life roles? It’s a good time to organize everything, especially yourself.

Think about the daily patterns in your life. How can you adjust them to suit your natural rhythms? Consider your sleep, work, or other regular cycles. See how you can align your routines better with these natural cycles for more harmony.


Manifest Divine Timing

Different things might change how people see you this week. The Sun and Mars will soon affect how others view you. You might get a lot of attention, especially about your job or social media. It’s a good time to update your LinkedIn or other profiles to show what you want.

Think about when to start things, not just what to do. Write down stuff with fixed deadlines and other things you want to do. Decide when’s the best time to start each project. Put it in your calendar for a reminder. Also, note the next best times if you miss the first chance.

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