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Kozhikode-bound SpiceJet flight lands in Kochi after encountering technical failure: All SAFE

A SpiceJet flight that was bound to land in Kozhikode made an emergency landing in Kochi after it suffered a hydraulic system failure. The fight took off from Jeddah, and it managed to land safely at the Kochi Airport, confirmed DGCA. The aircraft had 197 passengers onboard, including a crew comprising six, an airport spokesperson said. “An emergency was declared in the airport at 6:29 pm after the SpiceJet-SG 036 flight, which was scheduled to land at Kozhikode airport, was diverted to Kochi,” he added. The spokesperson further revealed, “Full emergency was declared at Kochi airport at 18:29 hours. The flight landed safely at 19.19 hours on the runway after an emergency landing situation.”

The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is reported to suffer from hydraulic failure. Pilots saw the anti-skid light illuminated after the taking off, and following this, they conducted the required checklist actions. Moreover, it is revealed that Jeddah ATC told pilots that tyre debris was seen on the Jeddah runway.

During the course of the flight from Jeddah to Kozhikode, the filth continuously showed a low-pressure signal. Failing to get it rectified while being airborne, pilots decided to land in Kochi. In fact, during their approach to the runway, pilots conducted three low passes to ensure that the landing gear was working flawlessly, and only after receiving ATC confirmation on the same, they made a landing attempt.

Even earlier, incidents of technical snags in SpecJet flights were reported. Due to this, DGCA had put a ban on select flights of SpiceJet. However, at a later stage, the ban was revoked. 

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In fact, a SpiceJet passenger died of injury, he suffered during turbulence while he was onboard a flight.  Ansari, 48, was reportedly on ventilator support for more than a month before passing away from his wounds on September 26. On May 1, a SpiceJet flight from Mumbai to Durgapur experienced severe turbulence as it descended, hurting 14 passengers as well as three members of the cabin crew. Ansari’s family claimed that he did not receive appropriate care. According to the death certificate issued by the Mission Hospital at Durgapur on September 29, Akbar Ansari, age 48, died of “sepsis in shock” caused by polytrauma with Spinal injury.

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