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Katrina Kaif wanted to do stretches because she felt lazy, here are 6 exercises Yasmin Karachiwala suggested: Watch

Katrina Kaif loves working out, and her fit physique is proof of the same. The Phone Bhoot actor dedicates her healthy lifestyle to Pilates. Her trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala, often gives a glimpse of Katrina’s workout routine on social media to inspire the star’s fans. Most recently, Yasmin posted a fun clip with Katrina that showed the actor confessing she felt lazy and wanted to do some stretches instead of a rigorous workout. The clip then continued to show six Reformer stretches to open up the body and make it flexible. Check it out below. (Also Read | Katrina Kaif’s dreamy blue saree and matching blouse is the wedding outfit every bridesmaid needs: All pics, video)

Katrina Kaif’s trainer suggests easy stretches to take away the laziness

On Tuesday, Yasmin Karachiwala took to Instagram to share a video with Katrina Kaif. The clip begins with Katrina telling Yasmin she wants to do some stretches at the gym because she is feeling lazy. Yasmin replies, “I got just the right stretches Katy to take away the laziness. Let me show you.” The video shows Yasmin practising different Reformer stretch types, including Knee Stretch, Thigh Stretch, Down Stretch, Up Stretch, Long Stretch and Tendon Stretch, at the gym. She captioned the post, “When Katrina Kaif says she wants to stretch coz she’s feeling lazy, I know just the stretches that will shoo the laziness away.” Watch the video below.

The video begins with Yasmin practising the Knee Stretch by placing one knee on the Reformer and the other leg on the floor. Then, she stretches the knee back and forwards on the machine to make the lower body flexible. The second exercise is the Thigh Stretch. In this, Yasmin kneels on the Reformer, and keeping her body straight, while holding a harness, she bends her body while keeping the back straight. Yasmin did a Down Stretch and Up Stretch for the third and fourth stretches. She followed it by doing the Long Stretch and Tendon Stretch.

Stretching Benefits:

Stretching is a great pre-workout practice. It can alleviate pain by loosening up muscle tension and increasing blood flow, fixing mid and upper back stiffness, gently mobilising the spine, and decreasing the risk of injury.

So, are you ready to do some stretching?

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