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Karan Johar wants Ranveer Singh to play lead in his biopic

New Delhi: Filmmaker Karan Johar has adorned several hats throughout his career and is one of the most popular Indian celebrities of all time. Be it his spicy anecdotes or his fashion statements, he is always in the limelight and making headlines. His latest revelations during a live show called Red Carpet Premiere on Roposo, a creator-led live entertainment commerce platform, cannot be missed! 


On the Roposo live show hosted by popular live streamer Dheeraj Juneja, when he was asked who would he want as the lead actor in his biopic, without taking a pause Karan mentioned, “Ranveer Singh! He is like a chameleon, and he will do it best.” When he was asked about a part of his life that he wants for sure in his biopic, Karan added, “My childhood, I had a wonderful childhood; my parents were so good to me and taught me the most amazing life lessons. However, it was also a little bumpy as I was an unusual kid and there were a few emotions that I festered as a kid. I was also different compared to the others, so I had to pay the price for it. It was a tough, but also a very energizing time because when I look back, I feel like I learnt a lot in that phase.” 


During the Roposo live show, Karan also revealed that even though he is called KJo, he dislikes the nickname and would like people to call him Karan. He also revealed that he would like to like to have international stars Ellen DeGeneres and Meryl Streep as guests on his talk show someday, amongst several other exciting confessions.

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