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‘Joined BJP to…’: Khushbu Sundar amid row over her Modi tweet

BJP leader Khushbu Sundar, who has been targeted by the Congress over her 2018 tweet critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday said she had rectified her stance a long back and “that is why” she joined the saffron party to support its cause.

BJP leader Khushbu Sundar speaks to the media.(ANI file)

The Congress turncoat added that she has no hesitation in apologising.

Responding to a post by senior journalist N Ram, Sundar said, “…I had my opinion which had changed long back with greater awareness. I had rectified my stance since and that is why i even joined BJP to support their cause. So i have no hesitation in apologizing and have moved on since long. Let them have fun beating the dead snake!”

In the wake of Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as Lok Sabha MP over his equating the surname Modi to “thieves” the party was quick to pick on Khushbu’s old tweet. Party leader and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijaya Singh asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi via a Twitter post on Saturday morning, “will you make one of your disciples named Modi file a defamation case against Khushbu Sundar too?”

The actor-turned-politician hit back at the opposition party saying she was speaking the “language of the leader” then as she was told to do so and questioned its ‘desperation’.

She has not deleted the five-year-old social media post and will not do so now, she said.

Sundar said it exposed how desperate the opposition party was. The 2018 tweet of the National Commission for Women (NCW) member has gone viral and she has not deleted the post.

Sundar, also BJP national executive committee member who had quit the Congress party and joined the saffron organisation in 2020 had posted a tweet in 2018 saying “…Let’s change the meaning of #Modi to corruption..suits better.”

Explaining the tweet, Khushbu said, “I was in Congress party then and I was only performing my duty as the spokesperson of the Congress. This is the language we were supposed to speak and that is exactly what I was doing. I was following the party leader. This is his language.”

“Not only does it show how desperate they (Congress party) are, but it exposes their level of ignorance on the issue they are raking up,” she told news agency PTI.

Asked if she saw nothing wrong in insulting the ‘Modi’ surname, she said, “Rahul Gandhi has stooped down to the level calling all Modis as thieves, I have only used the term ‘Corruption’. The Congress party is incapable of seeing the difference. But if they have the guts, I challenge the Congress leaders to file a case against me and I will face them legally.”

Sundar also pointed out that the Congress Party never liked her appreciating the positive steps taken by the ruling BJP.

(With inputs from agencies)

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