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Job cut: THIS BIG media firm announces to layoff its employees soon— Details Inside

New Delhi: The mass layoffs season has also started to have an impact on the media business globally, with job losses at leading internet companies continuing to be a significant source of stress for staff. owned by Warner Bros. Discovery According to a tweet from a CNN reporter, the network’s senior executive Chris Licht warned the crew of layoffs on Wednesday in an internal message to the entire team.

The tweet stated that CNN will only contact a small group of people—primarily some of its paid contributors today and the impacted staff tomorrow. The changes, Licht acknowledged, “impact both our outgoing employees and those who stay.” And we can help you, thanks to our resources.

The layoffs were expected and occur at a time when businesses are trying to cut costs and reduce their workforce in preparation for a slowdown in the economy.

Axios reports that as the ad market slows, the media business is being struck by cost-cutting measures that will involve layoffs. The media has reported on hiring freezes, layoffs, and other cost-cutting initiatives.

Recently, job cuts started, especially in the ad sales division, at Paramount Global, another key player in the media industry and the parent company of CBS, MTV, VH1, and a number of other networks.

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