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JEE Main 2024 Results Spark Concerns Among Students Due To Alleged Errors In Percentile Calculation

JEE Main 2024: The joy of JEE Main 2024 results for many students was quickly overshadowed by concerns over alleged errors in their percentile calculations. Released on February 13th, the scores sparked discontent, with numerous candidates raising doubts about the accuracy of their percentiles, a crucial factor for college admissions. The National Testing Agency (NTA), responsible for conducting the exam, came under fire after several discrepancies were highlighted. Students pointed out inconsistencies between their raw scores and calculated percentiles, with some reporting significant drops compared to expected values. Others raised concerns about normalization procedures, alleging inconsistencies in how marks from different sessions were adjusted.

JEE Main 2024 Percentile: Steps To Calculate 

The NTA determines JEE Main percentile scores based on the relative performance of all exam takers. Marks are converted to a scale from 100 to 0 for each session. The percentile is calculated using the formula (100 x number of candidates with a raw score equal to or less than the candidate) / total number of candidates in that session. The percentile for the lowest raw scores depends on the total number of candidates in each session, according to the NTA.

JEE Mains 2024: Social Media Reactions

Social media platforms were flooded with frustrated messages from students and their families. Many expressed anxieties about the impact on their college admission prospects, with some potentially missing out on desired institutions due to perceived errors.

“What the hell is this percentile? For a difference of 3 marks there are 500 students in between. Looks like normalization has got a huge impact this time. Even 260 is not giving 99.9 . This was damn unexpected,” a student who appeared in session 1 tweeted.

“I scored 200 marks more than last year, yet my percentile dropped by 10 points. How is this possible?” questioned one student on Twitter. Others shared screenshots of their scorecards highlighting the discrepancies.

The NTA, however, has maintained that the percentile calculations are accurate and follow established procedures. They have advised students with concerns to submit representations through proper channels for individual. This response has not placated many students, who demand a more transparent and comprehensive explanation of the alleged discrepancies.

Experts have weighed in, urging caution while acknowledging the students’ concerns. Some have called for the NTA to release detailed data on normalization procedures and percentile calculations to ensure transparency. Others have suggested opening up avenues for independent to address student anxieties.

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