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Is Biotin Really Beneficial for Your Hair? Find Out

When searching for hair nourishment products online, one word seems to pop up on every article and in every influencer’s verbiage – Biotin. This much loved vitamin is known for its ability to boost the health of nails, skin and hair. With a lot of buzz around this much popular supplement, we got experts to answer how important is this vitamin to grow a beautiful mane. 

Biotin or Vitamin B7 is an important micronutrient that contributes to hair health, better skin and nails. “If you are facing hair fall or weak hair, it could be due to biotin deficiency. Hence, it is important to consume an adequate amount of biotin daily. It helps in strengthening and thickening the hair. As biotin strengthens hair, it is less likely to break off at the ends, thereby, promoting and protecting hair length as well as protecting hair damage,” says Shikha Dwivedi, Msc clinical nutrition and dietetics, in-house nutritionist, Oziva.

Biotin is also known to fight inflammation, one of the major causes of hair loss. It can be utilized as a defensive measure to combat hair loss. There is sufficient research to point out that a rise in biotin intake can enhance overall hair quality, including thickness and shine.

“This water-soluble vitamin can turn the story of dry, damaged and dull hair into the voluminous hair of our dreams. It’s real! Biotin has exploded in popularity for hair transformation in the healthcare and cosmetic industry over the past years. Also referred to as vitamin B7 or H, you may consider working some biotin-rich foods into your diet to get it naturally or just the right supplements,” Divij Bjaj, CEO & Founder, Power Gummies.

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Ofcourse, biotin alone is not responsible for overall hair growth, still, the efficacy of biotin supplementation, aside from a regular diet, is a must-have for gorgeous hair, nails and scalp health. Ensure that you include cereals (wheat and oats), rice, seeds, nuts, and some vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and sweet potatoes in your diet for vitamin B7. You can also opt for plant-based biotin supplements in your daily routine.  “When it comes to hair health it is important to follow a holistic approach focusing on nourishment from the inside and out. Hence along with consuming plant-based biotin, ensure you also switch to clean, plant-based hair care products like shampoo, hair serum and masks that are suited for your hair type and concern. Also, one should not forget to consistently follow this regime for 3 to 6 months for visible results,” adds Dwivedi.

Bjaj explains the benefits of biotin

Fosters a healthy scalp and healthy hair

Biotin improves the overall infrastructure of keratin synthesis in your body, which aids the development of hair. It supports hair health by increasing volume and covering the scalp.

Thickens and Strengthens your locks

Biotin makes your hair less prone to breakage, encouraging the growth of thicker strands, and long hair length, protecting against hair damage.

Prevents Hair Thinning

Increases the rate of follicle growth, contributing to hair thickness and texture, making them stronger, preventing dandruff, and scalp itchiness.

Gives Back Lost Shine

There is enough evidence to suggest that increasing biotin intake can improve overall hair quality. Biotin gives life to dull hair.

Halts Hair Loss

Inflammation is also a leading cause of hair loss. Utilising the required amount of biotin daily as a preventative strategy can help stop hair loss.

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