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IND vs PAK, Asia Cup 2023: Shadab Khan Opens Up On Virat Kohlis 82 Against Pakistan At T20 World Cup, Says, I Dont Think Any…,

Asia Cup 2023: As the ultimate stage for a cricket game between India and Pakistan is ready to take place on September 2, stars from both teams – Shadab Khan, Virat Kohli and Shaheen Shah Afridi provided interesting insights. With the rivalry between India and Pakistan being one of the most captivating narratives in cricket, these players shared their perspectives on key aspects of the game, shedding light on their preparation, mindset, and the challenges they anticipate on the field.

Pakistan’s formidable bowling contingent is leaving no stone unturned in their preparation to counter the prowess of Virat Kohli and Team India. Armed with strategic planning and meticulous analysis, they aim to decode Kohli’s strengths while adapting to the dynamic challenges posed by India’s lineup. (‘Virat Kohli’s Comments About Me…,’ Babar Azam Reacts To India Batters Year Old Remark Ahead Of India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Clash)

Shadab Khan, the accomplished Pakistani bowler, lent his insights during an exclusive conversation with Star Sports. Eulogizing Virat Kohli’s caliber, Khan shared, “He is a world class player, definitely. You have to plan a lot to face him. Anyway, in international cricket, there are a lot of mind games, because you definitely have the skill to reach that level. But how you read each other’s minds, the bowler and the batsman, how they read each other’s minds, and it also depends on what the situation is. The kind of batsman that Virat Kohli is, the way he has performed against us, even in the last match at the World Cup, I don’t think that if any other batsman in the world was in that situation, could have done that to our bowling line-up. And the beauty of it is that he can do this at any stage and at any time.”

In an exclusive dialogue with Star Sports, Pakistani pacer Shaheen Shah Afridi outlined his strategic outlook for the forthcoming Asia Cup 2023. He revealed, “In my opinion, my game plan is simple, every opener knows my game plan. The goal is to, as always, get the openers out to put pressure on the batting team. The middle order when they come in are not used to playing against the new ball as much as an opener. So there is a lot of pressure on the middle order to face the new ball.”

Exclusively addressing Star Sports on Follow the Blues LIVE, Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli, offered his insights into the strengths of the Pakistani team and how he’s gearing up for the impending contest. Emphasizing his views, he remarked, “I feel bowling is their strength. And they’ve got some really impactful bowlers that can change the course of the game anytime based on their skill set. So you have to be at your absolute best to face them.”

Continuing his exclusive interaction on Follow the Blues LIVE, Virat Kohli delved into his unyielding quest for self-improvement and continuous growth. Reflecting on his approach, he shared, “I only try to understand how I can better my game. Every day, every practice session, every year, every season. This is what has helped me play this well for so long and to perform for my team. I don’t think you can perform consistently without that mindset, because if your performance is your only goal, then you can be satisfied and stop working hard. My motto has always been to ‘Chase betterment’, not excellence I would say, because I don’t know what the definition of excellence is. There is no limit to it, there is no set achievement that if you reach a certain stage you’ve reached excellence. I think I strive for betterment every day, so that is a better word to use and yes, performance obviously becomes a bi-product because your mindset is ‘How do I make my team win from this position? This will make me a better player or this will get my team in a better position if I perform this way’. So this has always been my mindset.”

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