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I Want To Deliver Only Something Great

After helming Uri: The Surgical Strike, National Award-winner Aditya Dhar dons the hat of producer with Article 370. The political drama directed by Aditya Suhas Jambhale, starring Yami Gautam and Priyamani, is inspired by events leading up to the abrogation of Article 370 granting special status to Jammu & Kashmir. The film will be released on Feb 23.

Aditya Dhar talks exclusively to DC about the film and his handling of it:

How does it feel to transition from directing Uri: The Surgical Strike to producing Article 370?

The success of Uri wasn’t just about individual effort; it had a divine aspect. Our team’s dedication and intention to honour the Indian Army were crucial. We were blessed with an exhilarating response from the audience. As for pressure, I thrive on it. I feel, either I have to create something great or sit at home. My production house aims to deliver exceptional content and technical excellence, serving our audiences with the best.

You take every sphere of filmmaking under your wings. How do you manage it all?

You have only one life, and you want to give your best to the work you are doing. We have been lucky and privileged to be part of this industry. Being in the industry, if you don’t create history and do extraordinary work, then it’s of no use. I always intend to learn everything. from production to writing, direction and music, I enjoy all of it. I also love to work on background music. As a producer I have to give time to marketing. I know filmmaking is a collaborative effort but I always like to learn everything.

As producer, what was your toughest day shooting Article 370?

Every day poses challenges, especially with a limited budget. Yet, that’s where the fun lies. Despite Uri being a war film made on a small budget, we aimed for a high production value. Challenges extend beyond finances to weather and locations. Our efficient team navigates these obstacles with a positive mindset, finding solutions and making successful adjustments. Both Uri and Article 370 faced unexpected hurdles, but we persevered. This film authentically portrays the intelligence and police departments of Kashmir, along with the PMO, reflecting our commitment to accuracy.

Why a film on Article 370?

It’s a pivotal moment in our history. For 70 years, Kashmir had its own flag. Now, the whole of India comes under one flag. We gathered information from various sources, including journalists, historians, and the military. We aimed to present this chronologically, making it both entertaining and informative. Yami’s character is inspired by a real-life officer. As a filmmaker, I strive for compelling narratives, and this time, we were fortunate to uncover fascinating details.

How did you handle this subject?

For me, such subjects are very interesting. It’s also personal. Being a Kashmiri, I know the problems created by certain forces who used this Article to create unrest. Being from that area, we understand the geo-political situation. You understand how things move when you have lived there. This makes it easier to portray the situation.

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