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‘I am an animal lover’: Instagram ‘influencer’ after kicking dog in viral video

A video of a woman kicking a dog and abusing it to only burst into laughter has gone viral leading to a massive outrage on social media. As Twitter users condemned the insensitivity of the so-called influencer, people started looking up the person to report the incident and her account to the authorities for her obnoxious behaviour.

Facing flak, the influencer, identified as Kiran Kajal with a follower count of 1.21 lakh, issued an apology in which she said she is an animal lover and she kicked the dog out of fear. The original video was deleted and the content creator posted videos of her feeding dogs and taking care of them.

Here is the original video that went viral. Viewers’ discretion is advised as abusive words have been used by the content creator while hurting the animal.

Kiran Kajal said sorry for the slang she used but she said it is very common for the people who live in Delhi and Mumbai. “I didn’t think anything before. The dog came near me. And I kicked it. My language was bad and I am sorry for that. But it’s common for the people of Delhi and Mumbai. I got scared when the dog came near me. I don’t want your hate. I am really sorry,” the content creator said in the new video.

The apology faced criticism as well as social media users said the dog did not come towards her and did not attack either. It was a planned video and the content creator even laughed after kicking and abusing the video.

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