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HOMELESS beggar owns property worth of more than Rs 5 crore, earns Rs 1.27 lakh per month from HOUSE rent and lives on STREET

New Delhi: Have you ever heard of a man living on the streets possessing property worth more than Rs 5 crore? But in the 21st century, it seems everything is possible. In London, a man who is homeless makes at least £1,300, about Rs. 1.27 lakh in rent each month. Dom talked about his experience during a Taboo Room interview. He remains on the streets due to his addiction to heroin and cracks. He claimed, “I genuinely own a property.

Dom described how he developed a heroin addiction at a young age, and despite being able to maintain sobriety for seven years, he eventually turned to narcotics once more, according to LADbible. Dom grew up in a “middle-class” household and struggled in the classroom, but his athletic prowess allowed him to receive a scholarship. But as he approached adolescence, his life began to alter. (Also Read: BUMPER RETURNS! Invest Rs 2,000 per month in LIC, get more than Rs 48 lakh on maturity; check return calculator, premium charts)

“I’ve simply gone f***ing crazy… everything: alcohol, drugs, etc. I started using marijuana when I was 13 and gradually moved on to nearly everything else, “says he. He said further on, “I started using heroin when I was around 17 or 18. I became hooked right away.” After going to rehab, he was able to maintain his sobriety for seven years. (Also Read: ATTENTION! 5 BIG changes from today, December 1, 2022 that have direct impact on your finance)

He believed that because he had been drug-free for so long if he ever took drugs again, he would be able to stop. He eventually became reliant on them, though. Dom said that all of the income from the rental of the home is used to buy drugs.

He begs on the streets of London and earns between £200 and £300 every day. The landlord admitted, “I spend pretty much all of the money I get on drugs. He said, “I sleep outside the station.”

He claimed that when his first son was born, his father bought the house so that the youngster would have a place to live. Although Dom acknowledged that there was a method to improve his circumstances, his judgement is “hazed” as a result of “the number of drugs I do.”

His friends and family no longer support him. The landlord worries that his addictions could put him in danger if he sells his house, which is valued at £530,000 (about Rs 5.19 lakh).

He doesn’t want to depend on narcotics and wants to “live a regular life.”

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