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Haryana woman gets drums played and distributes sweets as she gets electricity bill of nearly Rs 22 lakh- WATCH

New Delhi: In a bizarre incident a woman in Haryana received an electricity bill of over 21 lakh rupees for a household of just 534 square meters. After receiving the huge electricity bill the woman visited the power department and opted for a unique method to protest against the hefty bill. The elderly woman got the drums played and distributed sweets as she took a dig at the Haryana government by offering her house to citing that she is not able to pay such a huge amount of electricity bill.

The video of the incident viral all over social media where the woman is seen holding the hefty electricity bill and a poster through which she is offering her house to the government. “I want to name my house to the electricity department and Haryana government because I am unable to pay the bill,” the poster stated.

The poster also had “Koti-Koti Dhanyawad” written all over mocking the electricity department. This is not the first time when the woman has received an incorrect electricity bill, according to media reports, in 2019, she was charged a late fee by the electricity department even though she had cleared the charges before the due date.


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