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Hailey Bieber Has an “Apple Size” Ovarian Cyst; Know What Are the Causes and Symptoms

Hailey Bieber is facing another health crisis as she recently opened up about the presence of an ovarian cyst in her body which she called about the size of “an apple.” In her Instagram story, the model shared a photo of her bare bloated stomach, revealing though she doesn’t have PCOS or endometriosis, she has developed ovarian cysts a couple of times. Hailey Bieber revealed that the health issue makes her feel, “achy, nauseous, bloated, crampy, and emotional.” If you are facing a similar health issue, should you be worried about ovarian cysts? Here’s everything you need to know.

What are ovarian cysts?

According to Mayo Clinic, ovarian cysts are a sac filled with fluid or semisolid material that can develop in either one or both ovaries. Each ovary is about the size of an almond located in the pelvic area that holds egg cells and also results in the making of hormones including progesterone and estrogen. While cysts are considered harmless or benign in the majority of cases, it is not the same for everyone and sometimes they may lead to developing further complications.

Should you be worried about ovarian cysts?

In many cases, ovarian cysts turn out to be harmless and tend to disappear within a period of 2-3 months. However, in rare scenarios, they become cancerous, thereby causing further complications. According to the portal, the statistics have shown less than one per cent of ovarian cysts become cancerous.

During an interaction with the Indian Express, the former head of the department of gynaecology at the Safdarjung Hospital, Dr Roopali Dewan, stated that medical practitioners always examine if a cyst found is cancerous. She claims that in most cases that are found in younger women they just tend to disappear. The need for intervention only arises when these cysts are larger than 7 cm or have a thin wall than puts them at risk of turning septic.

“When we examine a cyst, our main concern is whether it is cancerous. And, in most cases, especially among younger women, the cysts just disappear within three months. Intervention may be needed if the cysts are larger than 7 cm, are not thin-walled, and have septa (a type of cell) within,” she said.

What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts?

While many women exhibit no symptoms of developing ovarian cysts, there are certain things that can alert them of their existence such as random pelvic pain, and sharp aches in the area below the belly button. Feeling heaviness in the belly or bloating.

What are the causes of ovarian cysts?

Ovulation is one of the major causes of developing cysts while other reasons could be abnormal cell production in the ovary, endometriosis, or being infected with pelvic inflammatory diseases.

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