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Google Doodle remembers Gerald ‘Jerry’ Lawson, creator of video games, today

Google Doodle, December 1: Google, today, i.e. on December 1, is celebrating the 82nd birthday of Gerald ‘Jerry’ Lawson. Lawson was a video game creator. He is accredited for creating the first-ever video game console in the world that led to the modern-day video games that is being enjoyed by the world now.

Thus, Google has made a beautiful attempt to commemorate the legacy of Jerry Lawson and thus it unveiled a creative illustration and animation on its Google Doodle on Thursday, December 1.

The Doodle today is not only interactive but really interesting as it allows you to play a short video game through it.

The Google Doodle for December 1 helps you create and play a short video game. It has an icon of Jerry Lawson with some of the most interesting facts mentioned about him. Here are the steps to follow if you wish to play this interactive game today:


  1. Select on the PLAY button
  2. You will see green-coloured blocks and below these blocks, there is a slab.
  3. There is a blue colored ball which keeps on moving upwards and downwards diagonally to break these blocks.
  4. When the ball comes downwards after breaking the blocks, move the slab to position itself in such a way that the ball hits the slab.
  5. Press ARROW keys to move the slab
  6. Keep moving the slab until the ball breaks all the blocks.
  7. If the ball does not touch the slab, you will lose the game.
  8. Once all the blocks are broken, you win the game.

Who was Gerald ‘Jerry’ Lawson?

Gerald ‘Jerry’ Lawson was an American electrical engineer and is popular for giving us the video games that we have been enjoying over the years. He was born in Brooklyn on December 1, 1940 and had begun playing with electronics at an early age.

Lawson, in the beginning, created a fun game called Demolition Derby, a coin-operated arcade game. He later designed a gaming console, a joystick, and a pause button, for the first time on a video game controller.

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