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Farmers To March To Delhi On Wednesday, Nationwide ‘Rail Roko’ On March 10

Farmer leaders Sarwan Singh Pandher and Jagjit Singh Dallewal have declared a nationwide ‘Rail Roko’ protest scheduled for March 10. Pandher, addressing the media, affirmed that there is no deviation from the original plans of the ‘Delhi Chalo’ demonstration, set to resume on March 6. “Farmers will come to (Delhi) from all over the country by train, bus, air and we will see whether the government will allow them (farmers) to sit there or not,” he added. The farmer leaders were present in the final prayer ceremony of the deceased farmer, Shubhkaran Singh, 22, in his native village, Balloh, in Bathinda.

Call For Nationwide Agitation

Dallewal added that in these situations, when the farmers are not even allowed to rally peacefully, they are figuring out ways to bring the government to their knees. “We will increase our (farmers) numbers on the borders surrounding Delhi,” he claimed, saying that farmers will join from all across the country. He urged all the farmers and businessmen to contribute to the ‘rail roko’ from 12pm to 4pm. Dallewal said that the demonstrations scheduled for March 6 and March 10 will reveal the reality that this is a widespread movement, with over 200 farmer unions from various regions of the country participating in the protest, aiming for the same objective.


Accusations Against Government

Pandher reiterated the call for a nationwide agitation, saying, “The government is attempting to shape a narrative suggesting that only two farmer unions, led by me and Jagjit Singh Dallewal, are spearheading this protest. Therefore, the demonstrations on March 6 and March 10 will expose the reality that this is a nationwide movement.” He further said that every Punjab panchayat should adopt a resolution endorsing the farmers’ demands, and every village should dispatch a tractor-trolley to the protest border points.  

He accused the government of adopting extreme measures, pointing out that drones had never been used by the Centre in previous farmer protests. Pandher added that Shambhu and Khanauri have been barricaded by Haryana authorities, resembling the Punjab-Haryana international border.   

Farmers initiated their march on February 13 but were later stopped by police forces, resulting in confrontations at the Shambhu and Khanauri border points along the Haryana-Punjab border.

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