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EXCLUSIVE: On World AIDS Day 2022, here’s how to lead a healthy life with HIV – 10 points

World AIDS Day: Every year on December 1, people around the world mark World AIDS Day to raise awareness about the symptoms, causes, and preventative measures of HIV/AIDS, which has claimed an unprecedented number of lives. This year, the theme of World AIDS Day is ‘Equalize’. According to the United Nations website, the “Equalize” slogan is a call to action – “It is a prompt for all of us to work for the proven practical actions needed to address inequalities and help end AIDS.”

While most people confuse HIV and AIDS as the same thing, it’s not the case. HIV is a virus that may cause an infection while AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a condition. AIDS is acquired only after the contraction of HIV, but not all HIV cases develop into AIDS. 

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With the advancement of medical science, if HIV is detected on time, with medication and care, people who have contracted the virus are able to lead full and healthy lives. Dr Farah Ingale, Director-Internal Medicine, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital Vashi, gives us tips on how people who have contracted the HIV virus can lead a healthy life. Check 10 key points:

1) One can lead a healthy life by following certain precautions and regulations.

2) Take medicine regularly. Medicine will lower the viral load in the blood and help to recover faster. It will help maintain health better overall, so take medication on time.

3) Eat healthy and have a balanced diet. Carbohydrates, protein, non-saturated fats, vitamins, and minerals are important and for this, have lentils, fruits, nuts, green veggies, lean meat, or white meat. Eat on time. Both quantity, and quality count. 

4) Be active, exercise daily and it can be any form of activity. Around 30-60 minutes of walking every day and 150 to 300 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week is a must. If you are active, you will have a sense of well-being.

5) Take care of your mental health. We often forget that total health means physical and mental health. Practice relaxation techniques and relieve stress. Practice meditation, do yoga, and listen to music. 

6) It is very important to follow oral hygiene practices. Make sure to regularly visit a dentist. Brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day. The infection from teeth or gums can get transferred to other places and then you can land up in a problem.   

7) Quit smoking: The ill effects of smoking is well known. It can cause cancer of the lungs, leading to high blood pressure, affecting the heart, and leading to pneumonia and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

8) Avoid alcohol as it can interfere with your immune system and interfere with the effect of the medicine. 

9) Sleep hygiene is very important. Sleep on time, get up on time. If required, take the help of a physician in case you are not getting peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

10) Practice safe sex. Keep yourself safe from other illnesses. If your immunity is compromised you can catch infections easily. It also prevents others from getting infected. 

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