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Don’t Get Knocked Down By Negativity, says Sunny Leone

While the world is aware of and has applauded and supported her transition from the reigning queen of adult entertainment to playing the leading lady in wholesome Bollywood entertainers, very little is known about her successful entrepreneurial journey. Deccan Chronicle recently caught up with Sunny Leone, as she gets ready to make her foray into the world of judging business pitches and offering the ‘Big Break’ to the women entrepreneurs who manage to convince her.

The gorgeous diva in her candid style gave us a sneak peek into her entrepreneurial journey and her association with ‘Big Break’ a platform where she gets to judge pitches from budding women entrepreneurs along with Venture Capitalists from leading VC funds.


1. While the world is impressed by Sunny Leone, which part of your life resonates with Karenjit Kaur Vohra?
•Karenjit Kaur Vohra and Sunny Leone are connected to each other. Although I cannot say it is the ‘same person, same identity’, one part is not a part of another. In real life, I’m a bit more private and not outgoing, like most people. I love my family. I like being home. I do socialise sometimes, depending on my mood.

2. You have wholeheartedly supported different causes bringing them light and visibility. What is the driving factor behind these kind choices and actions?
We support different causes that we believe in and make a difference to society. Big Break is one of them. It is important. It is difficult to make a headway in business, to start a venture or pitch yourself as an entrepreneur. It is wonderful to see a new platform that is helping budding entrepreneurs. I think with Phoenix Marketcity we have moved the needle in society.

3. What makes the Big Break association special? Is it your unconventional journey from the world of glamour to uncharted waters of entrepreneurship?
Big Break’ is definitely something new, rather than unconventional. We are entrepreneurs and we own multiple companies, investments and brands. Besides being in the world of glamour and entertainment, I can say the entrepreneur role has always taken a front seat for 22 years now.

4. What’s the success mantra of a successful woman entrepreneur? How would you define your personal and professional equation with partner / manager Daniel Weber?

Our success mantra I think is like anything else: work hard, hustle, make sure whatever you are putting out there is exceptional. People are always going to try and bring you down by spreading negativity but you must not lose focus. Negative reviews about the product are very common these days. You must not get knocked down and allow the product to stand and shine on its own. You must ensure that you have all your facts right and are willing to put in the hard work. Go hit the ground and do not stop whatsoever. It is an all day, all-night job. Whatever it is, a brand or a company, make sure you are ready to hustle and grind. Connect the dots wherever you can and there is never a single direct path to success, there are many. Speaking about my equation with Daniel, we discuss every single thing and divide our roles. I work closely with the formulation and packaging team whereas DanieI works on contracts, sales, business development, expansion and other parts of the business. Yet few aspects are always overlapping.

5. On a professional front, what are you looking forward to, in 2024? At this juncture of life, what’s the best part about being an entrepreneur and being a mother?
•I think the best part of being an entrepreneur and a mother is that I get the best of both worlds, to do it all and build a future of my own. As time passes, I want to invest into things which give me a sense of stability and security for my family and three children. I am happy, I love my life and I would like to continue living this way. I want to achieve different things and being an entrepreneur was one of them.

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