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‘DJing is not just music, It’s a journey,’ says DJ Rhea

New Delhi: DJing is something that is coming up on a big scale in today’s era, we live in a time wherein some Disk Jockeys have achieved more fame base than a lot of mainstream performers. Be it Nucleya or Ritwitz, all of these have their own separate fanbase and presence. Out of all these Indian DJs, one name which particularly stands out is DJ Rhea.

Born in Mumbai on 1st March 1993, this ever-smiling DJ and model have set everybody to groove on her beats lately. Having realized her love for music and her talent for mixing tracks, DJ Rhea sets herself on the course to becoming a successful DJ in the Indian music industry.


Being one of the youngest, hottest and most talented DJs in the country, Rhea’s popularity is at an all-time high, with over 703k followers on Instagram. It won’t be wrong to call her the heartthrob of the nation. Rhea is subjected to a lot of fan mail from young people who are keen to know about the process of becoming a successful DJ.

Speaking on the same, Rhea reveals that one has to feel the music primarily to become a successful DJ and that feeling only comes from within and cannot be taught or learnt anywhere. I have been constantly approached by young DJs who ask about the level of difficulty that is involved in being a DJ. But I believe it is not that tough, it just needs a little hard work, and can be learnt in a short span of under 6 months (depending on a person’s interest and abilities).


She also goes on to say that comparatively, it is a little more difficult for a female DJ to get established but once you are in the scene, there is no looking or turning back.

She also talks about the basic misconception of DJs in India, wherein they are only considered to be the one’s only good enough for playing at weddings or other parties. The other misconception that people have about DJs and DJing is that it involves a lot of drugs and alcohol and other toxic elements, DJ Rhea completely shuns these beliefs and rumors and also goes on to the extent of saying that i completely prohibit drinking at work because I respect my work and job , even though I have access to the most prime and posh clubs in the country.

Talking about getting high, Rhea says that there is no better high than getting high on music and getting high on the feeling you get when close to a thousand people chant your name and request you play their favorite tracks.

Talking about pressure, she says that sometimes the pressure gets too much and sometimes one is bound to feel low, she even talks about situations wherein there is a strong feeling which tells us to quit and about those people who constantly try to pull one down. You’ll have bad days, you’ll cry, you’ll even lose your mind, but one has to be ready to face all these things. It’s not just music, It’s a journey.

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