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Delicious And Fragrant Black Truffle Dishes To Savour – News18

Luxurious pasta dishes, savoury roast potatoes, crostini – Truffles add a rich and deeply satisfying flavour profile to every culinary masterpiece. The season to indulge in the alluring taste and flavour of truffles in here.

For the unversed, truffles, renowned worldwide as a delicacy, grow underground and boast an unmistakable aroma and taste. Unlike their chocolate counterparts, these fungi are utilized sparingly in cooking to elevate a dish’s essence. Black truffles, valued for their earthy and musky notes, and white truffles, prized for their pungent and garlicky flavor, are the most sought-after varieties for culinary endeavors.

Here are some truffle recipes for you to savour:

Home-made Tajarin, Anchovies Butter, Fresh Winter recipe by Matteo Arvonio, Executive Italian chef, JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru

Ingredients for pasta dough

• All-purpose flour – 500 grams.

• Egg yolks – 12

• Water as required

• Olive oil -1 tb

• Salt – 1 pinch

Anchovy Butter:

• Anchovies – 50 grams can

• Butter 250 grams


• Black Truffle – 3 to 5 grams


• On a clean working surface, place the flour and make it into a well where the center is empty

• In the centre, put the egg yolks, salt and oil

• Using a fork, whisk it together, slowly incorporating the flour

• Once the dough comes together, knead it till it is smooth, add some water if required

• Cover the dough with a clean film and allow it to rest in the fridge for an hour

• After an hour, place the dough on a clean working surface and roll out thin sheets that are 15 cms. long

• Allow the sheet to dry for a few minutes by adding some four on it

• Now fold these sheets loosely and with a sharp knife cut it at an approximate width of 2-3 cms, your Tajarin is now ready!

• Add some flour and fluff up the Tajarin so it doesn’t stick to each other

• In the meanwhile, add water to a large pot of water and bring it to a boil. Cook 4 portions of Tajarin (each portion would be an approximate 100 gms) for 2-3 minutes

• In a pan melt 50 grams of butter and add the chopped anchovies; add a small ladle of the water in which the Tajarin was cooked

• Take the pan out of the fire add the rest of the butter, create an emulsion by rotating the pan until the butter has melted.

• Add the Tajarin in the anchovies butter and stir; if necessary add more of the cooking water

• Plate the Tajarin on a dish and grate fresh truffle on top

Soft egg, parmesan polenta, cheese fondue, winter black truffle by Matteo Arvonio, Executive Italian chef, JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru

Ingredients to make the Polenta:

• Polenta flour – 100 grams

• Parmesan cheese – 100 grams

• Butter – 50 grams

• Salt and black pepper – As per requirement

Ingredients for the Fondue:

• Cheese that is easy to melt (gruyer, emmenthal, taleggio, fontina) – 200 grams

• Heavy cream – 50 grams

• Milk – 50 grams

• 2 egg yolks

• Salt and black pepper- As per taste

4 Poached eggs

Winter Truffle- 3 to 4 gms


• To make the polenta, boil 500 gr of water, add a spring of oil and a pinch of salt

• Slowly add the polenta flour and whisk it at the same time to avoid lumps while being on the stove

• Cook this for 20 minutes

• Once the polenta is smooth and creamy like a porridge, keep it aside and add grated parmesan, butter, salt and pepper

• For the cheese fondue, start by soaking the grated cheese in milk and butter for at least an hour

• After an hour, keep the soaked cheese in milk and butter on the stove on a low heat setting and keep stirring the cheese until it has melted

• Add the egg yolks one after the other and bring it to simmer for about a minute

• For the plating, place a spoon of Polenta in the centre, add a poached egg on top and cover it with cheese fondue

• Grate fresh winter truffle on top and the dish is ready

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